RYMUR Section 20 – Serials 1461-1515

The FBI’s investigation into the events of November 18, 1978 focused upon the assassination of Leo Ryan and any actions of members of Peoples Temple which may have shown evidence of a conspiracy related to that assassination. Code-named RYMUR – short for Ryan Murder – the investigation yielded 2750 serials totalling more than 10,000 pages, eventually separated into 42 large sections.

This page includes the contents of Section 20, including serials 1461-1515. Most are dated from late December 1978 or early January 1979.

The table below lists each document by serial number, the number of pages within each serial, the date the serial was generated, the federal agency originating the serial, and a brief description. Each entry then includes the PDF and the text of the serial. Additional notes appear at the bottom of the page.

A listing of abbreviations used in the RYMUR documents – including FBI field offices and State Department embassies – is here.

In citing these documents, each serial should open with the official designation of “RYMUR 89-4286.” As an example, Serial 1504 would be cited as “RYMUR 89-4286-1504.”

# of Pages
Office of Origin
1461 2 12/28 State [Referral; dupe of 1460] PDF Text
1462 4 12/27 FBI-SF [Dupe of 1454] PDF Text
1463 2 12/28 AmEmb Georgetown [Referral; dupe of 1464] PDF Text
1464 2 12/28 AmEmb Georgetown List of items shipped from Guyana to FBI in US PDF Text
1465 2 12/28 FBI-BQMRA Several survivors scheduled return to US; additional pages of fingerprint info PDF Text
1466 7 12/28 FBI-BQMRA Relatives returning to US turn over papers to FBI; fingerprint report PDF Text
1467 10 12/28 FBI-BQMRA PT record of Department of State form; early identifications of JT dead PDF Text
1468 3 12/28 FBIHQ Tapes and documents flown to US from Guyana PDF Text
1469 3 12/27 State Sky marshals to accompany survivors PDF Text
1470 2 12/28 AmEmb Georgetown [Referral; dupe of 1419] PDF Text
1471 5 12/28 FBI-BQMRA Relatives returning to US turn over papers to FBI PDF Text
1472 9 12/28 FBI-BQMRA Interview with Sharla Evans; FBI collects phone numbers PDF Text
1473 15 12/28 FBI-Baltimore Interview with Steve Sung, Ron Javers PDF Text
1474 2 12/29 AmEmb Georgetown [Referral; dupe of 1477] PDF Text
1475 2 12/29 Legat Bern [Referral; dupe of 1480] PDF Text
1476 2 12/29 AmEmb Georgetown JT survivor leaves GT for US PDF Text
1477 2 12/29 AmEmb Georgetown Guyanese death certificate sent to US PDF Text
1478 2 12/29 FBI-Knoxville HAM operator requests return of tapes PDF Text
1479 3 12/29 FBI-Newark HAM radio operator reports contacts with JT PDF Text
1480 3 12/29 Legat Bern Panamanian bank accounts PDF Text
1481 2 12/29 AmEmb Georgetown [Referral; dupe of 1476] PDF Text
1482 5 12/28 FBI-NY HAM operator society puts out call for assistance from operators PDF Text
1483 3 12/28 FBI-WFO Informant claims JT deaths a plot of Lane & Garry to get Temple money PDF Text
1484 3 12/28 FBI-SF Background on, warning about, Helen Swinney PDF Text
1485 1 12/29 FBIHQ Dwyer, Krause located for interviews PDF Text
1486 4 12/29 FBIHQ Status of remaining survivors PDF Text
1487 3 12/29 FBI-BQMRA Interview with relative of Temple deceased PDF Text
1488 16 12/29 FBI-BQMRA Interview with Chris O’Neal PDF Text
1489 5 12/29 FBI-BQMRA Articles about Mark Lane PDF Text
1490 3 12/30 FBI-BQMRA Summaries of interviews PDF Text
1491 3 12/29 FBI-MM Summary of interview with “uncooperative” survivor, likely Odell Rhodes PDF Text
1492 2 12/29 FBI-BQMRA FBI discusses whether to inform returning survivors of right to counsel PDF Text
1493 3 12/30 AmEmb Georgetown Preliminary inquiry into Larry Layton PDF Text
1494 2 12/31 AmEmb Georgetown [Referral; dupe of 1496] PDF Text
1495 1 12/31 FBI-BT Carter brothers decline FBI interviews PDF Text
1496 3 12/31 AmEmb Georgetown US warns that local media will report on PT cash going to Soviet Embassy PDF Text
1497 2 1/2 FBI-Tampa Woman alleges Jones still alive, broadcasting on AM radio PDF Text
1498 1 1/2 FBIHQ Transmittal sheet for newspaper clippings [not attached] PDF Text
1499 4 12/27 FBI-Tampa HAM radio operator reports contacts with JT PDF Text
1500 2 1/3 USSS [Referral; dupe of 1554] PDF Text
1501 1 1/3 FBI-LA Relative reports JT survivor not interested in FBI interview PDF Text
1502 1 1/2 FBI-SF HAM tapes not received in SF PDF Text
1503 2 1/2 FBI-WF FBI seeks Charles Krause, believes he is “evading” interview PDF Text
1504 6 1/3 AmEmb Georgetown Preliminary inquiry into Larry Layton PDF Text
1505 2 1/2 State Ambassador to discuss disposal of PT assets PDF Text
1506 2 1/3 FBIHQ Fingerprint report PDF Text
1507 3 1/4 FBI-LA FBI follows up report [1497], finds unrelated to Jonestown PDF Text
1508 4 1/3 State Some PT survivors may elect to stay in GT permanently PDF Text
1509 5 12/17 AmEmb Georgetown Testimony in coroner’s inquest PDF Text
1510 1 1/2 Legat Mexico Bank account information [withheld under national security, later released] PDF Text
1511 1 12/10 Legat Caracas [RYMUR administrative memorandum] PDF Text
1512 3 12/11 AmEmb Port of Spain Bank records in Trinidad not public records PDF Text
1513 2 12/11 AmEmb Port of Spain [Referral; dupe of 1512] PDF Text
1514 21 12/18 FBI-BQMRA Fingerprints of returning JT survivors PDF Text
1515 10 12/18 AmEmb Georgetown [Dupe of 1246] PDF Text

The pdf of the complete section is here. It should be noted that this document is unique to this site, based upon the FBI’s official release of documents in 2014 and augmented with additional documents. The additional documents include: those released by the State Department; those released through the litigation of McGehee et al v. Justice; and those released by the FBI in 2001 but not included in the later release.

The information released in these serials may change as the FBI releases additional information pursuant to ongoing litigation under the Freedom of Information Act.