Serial 1899-x

[Editor’s note: This serial was partially duplicated at Serial 1874. Information which was deleted here but released in the text of 1874 is designated in red type.]

[Page 1: FBI Routing and Transmittal Slip]

[Page 2]

United States Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Intelligence Report
Freeport, Grand Bahama
(Reporting Officer) [name deleted]
Week ending: December 8, 1978

I. A. Trends affecting entry – international

The reliable informant from a [information deleted] reported the ferrying of eight Colombians (5 females 3 males) to Bimini on December 6, 1978. Believed to be departing Bimini for the USA from a place named The Fishing Hole. [Sentence deleted]

III. Items of general interest

[Dr. Jerome Peister] D&POB 7-6-15 NYC was admitted FBA 12-6-78, destination c/o [Neal Kadin] 13155 Ixora Ct. North Miami, FL 33181. Has been employed the last 14 years as a dentist in Georgetown, Guyana. Claims to have pipeline to information regarding the Jonestown massacre. He arrived in the Bahamas with a young pregnant Guyanese girlfriend who was refused a visa in Nassau. Subject claims he has been in contact with the CIA regarding Jonestown. Stated he will attempt to trade information in return for visa for girlfriend. Subject is tall, possibly mulatto, white kinky hair, prominent hawk nose.