Serial 2134

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 4/12/79

To: Mr. Long
From: [name deleted]


PURPOSE: The purpose of this memorandum is to report the results of the cost data being accumulated in regard to captioned matter and recommend that the weekly submission of cost reports be discontinued.

DETAILS: By memorandum dated 12/13/78, captioned as above, it was recommended and approved that cost data be accumulated for the investigation of captioned matter.

RYMUR, is a Bureau assigned code name for the Bureau special of its investigation of the 11/18/78, slaying of Congressman Leo J. Ryan of California, and subsequent murder/suicide of 911 residents of Jonestown, Guyana.

This investigation has been designated Major Case #16 by the Bureau and as such, the TURK system has been capturing field investigative time. Each field office and Headquarter’s Division was requested to submit weekly reports listing travel, per diem or any other unusual costs related to this investigation. Headquarter’s Divisions, accepts the Laboratory Division, were required to submit manpower utilization, as well as other expenses on a weekly basis.

The investigation has slacked off to the point where only routine manpower costs are being reported and no unusual expenses are being incurred. It is, therefore, recommended that positive reports from field offices and FBIHQ Divisions be submitted on a monthly basis rather than weekly. The field and the Laboratory Division will continue to submit information required under the TURK system.

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Memo [name deleted] to Long
Re: Rymur – Cost Data

The TURK system has compiled field investigative time through pay period 10 which ended 2/10/79. This compilation resulted in 18,404 work hours at a cost of $244,021 in salaries and benefits. In addition, approximately $125,688 in compensation and related benefits has been extended for Headquarter’s coordination and $50,000 for miscellaneous costs such as automobile rental, travel, shipping expenses, and the like. The total cost to the Bureau has been approximately $419,709.

RECOMMENDATIONS: (1) That weekly cost data submissions be discontinued in favor of a report once a month, to reach the Bureau five days after the end of the month in which the expense was incurred.

(2) That negative reports not be submitted.

(3) If recommendations 1 and 2 are approved, the attached teletype to all field offices and legats be approved and forwarded.