RYMUR Section 31 – Serials 2084-2162

The FBI’s investigation into the events of November 18, 1978 focused upon the assassination of Leo Ryan and any actions of members of Peoples Temple which may have shown evidence of a conspiracy related to that assassination. Code-named RYMUR – short for Ryan Murder – the investigation yielded 2750 serials totalling more than 10,000 pages, eventually separated into 42 large sections.

This page includes the contents of Section 31, including serials 2084-2162. Most are dated during April 1979.

The table below lists each document by serial number, the number of pages within each serial, the date the serial was generated, the federal agency originating the serial, and a brief description. Each entry then includes the PDF and the text of the serial. Additional notes appear at the bottom of the page.

A listing of abbreviations used in the RYMUR documents – including FBI field offices and State Department embassies – is here.

In citing these documents, each serial should open with the official designation of “RYMUR 89-4286.” As an example, Serial 2096 would be cited as “RYMUR 89-4286-2096.”

Serial # of pages Date Office of Origin Description PDF Text
31 Section 31 Administrative Memoranda PDF Text
2084 2 3/28 FBIHQ FBI Request for PT radio codebook PDF Text
2086 10 3/27 AmEmb Georgetown PT members not under watch in Guyana, Embassy will report travel PDF Text
2089 6 4/4 FBIHQ FBI report on cryptoanalysis of PT radio codebook PDF Text
2090 3 4/4 FBIHQ Report of meeting between FBI and House committee investigating Ryan PDF Text
2091 2 4/4 Secret Service PT threat against president/Vice President of US PDF Text
2092 3 4/4 FBI Identification Division Report on possible identification of JT decedent PDF Text
2093 1 4/5 FBI-SF Report on NBC film footage PDF Text
2094 2 4/5 FBI-SF Report on three PT members PDF Text
2095 2 4/5 AmEmb Georgetown Secret Service, FBI seeks to send agents to Guyana PDF Text
2096 16 4/5 FBI-SF Report on audio-visual materials recovered from JT, listing of tapes by Q number PDF Text
2097 3 4/5 FBIHQ Report on recovery of “charred” PT records PDF Text
2098 2 4/6 Legat Caracas Report on PT bank account in Venezuela PDF Text
2099 3 4/3 AmEmb Georgetown GOG appoints commission to investigate JT tragedy PDF Text
2101 2 4/9 FBIHQ Request for meeting between FBI and Guy. police PDF Text
2102 5 4/10 FBI Identification Division Report on identification of Celeste Vento PDF Text
2103 2 4/11 FBIHQ Retransmittal of 2098 PDF Text
2104 1 4/10 Legat Caracas Statements of Carters, Prokes forwarded from Guyana to US PDF Text
2105 2 4/11 FBIHQ Retransmittal of 2119 PDF Text
2106 1 4/11 FBIHQ Retransmittal of 2104 PDF Text
2107 2 4/12 FBI Identification Division Report on identification of Sharita Guy PDF/a> Text
2108 3 4/10 FBI-SF Review of evidence received by SF, additional manpower requested PDF Text
2111 1 4/16 FBIHQ Report that no German nationals died in JT PDF Text
2112 1 4/16 Legat Caracas Photos of Soviet Embassy personnel in JT evidence PDF Text
2113 2 4/18 FBIHQ FBI unable to ID materials requested by Embassy PDF Text
2115 3 4/12 FBIHQ Retransmittal of 2098 PDF Text
2116 3 3/27 AmEmb Caracas [dupe of 2086] PDF Text
2117 2 4/3 FBI Identification Division Report on identification of supposed JT resident PDF Text
2119 2 4/10 Legat Caracas Negotiation for meeting between FBI and Guy. police PDF Text
2120 5 4/12 FBIHQ Correspondence between FBI and Congress PDF Text
2121 6 4/17 FBIHQ Report on audio-visual materials from JT PDF Text
2121 (post) 4 1/26 FBIHQ Negotiations between FBI & GOG PDF Text
2122 1 4/17 FBI-DE Memo on murder unrelated to PT PDF Text
2123 2 4/17 House Committee House committee for info from FBI PDF Text
2126 1 4/23 FBIHQ FBI response to Serial 2123 PDF Text
2127 1 4/4 FBI-SF Memo on duplication of NBC videocassette PDF Text
2128 3 4/12 FBIHQ Memo discussing FBI assistance to House Committee requests PDF Text
2129 2 4/12 FBIHQ Memo discussing FBI assistance to House Committee requests PDF Text
2131 2 4/16 FBI Identification Division Report on identification of JT victims PDF Text
2134 2 4/12 FBIHQ Discussion of costs of RYMUR PDF Text
2136 5 4/20 FBIHQ Memo discussing FBI assistance to House Committee requests [dupe of 2128, one page from 2136] PDF Text
2137 4 3/26 Hearst Newspapers Reporter responds to letter from CR member PDF Text
2138 1 3/30 House Committee House Committee requests for FBI assistance PDF Text
2139 4 4/4 FBI-SF Interview with PT critic PDF Text
2140 1 4/10 DOJ Criminal Division Cover letter for 2139 PDF Text
2141 1 4/12 FBIHQ Letter to reporter about contact from CR member PDF Text
2142 3 5/1 FBI-SF Report of FBI visit to U.S. embassy in Guyana PDF Text
2143 2 5/2 FBI-SF FBI seeks contact with reporter in Guyana PDF Text
2145 2 4/17 State Cover memo for 20 passports [not attached] PDF Text
2146 6 5/2 FBI Identification Division Fingerprint report on 20 passports PDF Text
2147 1 4/19 AmEmb Georgetown FBI given permission to come to Guyana PDF Text
2149 5 4/27 AmEmb Georgetown Value of tapes discussed PDF Text
2151 1 4/5 FBI-SF Identification of JT dead PDF Text
2152 2 4/16 SecState Travel of FBI personnel to Guyana PDF Text
2153 13 4/23 FBIHQ Statements of Mike Prokes, Carter brothers on events of Nov. 18 PDF Text
2159 1 5/3 FBI-MM Cover airtel for interviews [not attached] PDF Text
2160 1 5/3 FBI Identification Division Report on identification of JT dead PDF Text
2161 3 5/4 FBIHQ Autopsy reports on Annie Moore & Carolyn Layton [not attached] PDF Text
2162 2 5/7 FBIHQ FBI seeks interview with doctors who saw drugs going into JT (retransmittal of 2166) PDF Text

The pdf of the complete section is here. It should be noted that this document is unique to this site, based upon the FBI’s official release of documents in 2014 and augmented with additional documents. The additional documents include: those released by the State Department; those released through the litigation of McGehee et al v. Justice; and those released by the FBI in 2001 but not included in the later release.

The information released in these serials may change as the FBI releases additional information pursuant to ongoing litigation under the Freedom of Information Act.