Serial 2139

FBI Airtel

Date 4/4/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Re FBIHQ airtel to San Francisco, dated 12/19/78, with enclosures.

Enclosed for the Bureau are 2 copies of FD-302 interview with [name deleted], dated 2/28/79.

No further information was developed in this interview and the enclosed FD-302 is being forwarded to the Bureau for proper dissemination to the State Department.

“Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies”

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 4/4/79

In response to Department of State inquiries regarding information obtained from [name deleted] applicable to Richard McCoy, Consular Officer, Georgetown, Guyana, [name deleted] was interviewed February 28, 1979, in the San Francisco Office of the FBI. Based on the questions as were posed in the memorandum of the Department of State, dated December 14, 1978, [name deleted] furnished the following:

[name deleted] advised that his source of original information regarding McCoy was developed in 1978. [name deleted] advised that he had heard comments regarding McCoy’s conduct prior to the trip that was taken to Guyana wherein Congressman Leo J. Ryan was assassinated. [name deleted] at this time, could not state specifically who he had heard these comments from, however, he stated that it seemed to be general knowledge among all individuals who were familiar with the Guyanese operation of the People’s Temple.

[name deleted] stated, in response to the inquiry regarding any first-hand knowledge or evidence of misconduct on McCoy’s part that he particularly had, that he was not personally aware of incidents or behavior that was any indication of misconduct on McCoy’s part. He stated that his information was all received from outside sources and that he had no personal first-hand knowledge of any activities.

[name deleted] stated that, as far as any individuals who would have first-hand knowledge of misconduct, including the original allegation of a sexual liaison between [name deleted] and [name deleted], he believes that the individuals who would be best advised of these type of activities would be the Georgetown Officials of the PT. In addition, [name deleted] noted that people in Jonestown who controlled McCoy’s trips in and out of the compound at Jonestown would be fully aware of any attempts to compromise officials of the character of McCoy, that is in his official capacity with the State Department.

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SF 89-250

[name deleted] could furnish no further information that would satisfy the inquiry by the State Department at the time of his interview. He stated that his information as he previously indicated, was received through word-of-mouth and was general knowledge among individuals who were pitted against the Jonestown operation and the PT in general.