Serial 2136

April 20, 1979

Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Division
Attention: Mr. Arthur Norton
Director, FBI


Reference is made to my memorandum dated April 12, 1979, captioned as above in which items were forwarded to you relative to the investigation of the incident in Guyana. These items were to be forwarded to the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives. In the above referenced memorandum was explained that a copy of the “death tape” was being transcribed at FBI Headquarters and that it would be made available to the Committee through you when available.

Accordingly, enclosed herewith is a true copy of the “death tape” which represents a recording of the last hour of the People’s Temple at Jonestown, Guyana. This tape, as was previously agreed, should be furnished to the Committee.

Note: A copy of the above referenced memorandum is attached hereto for background and is self-explanatory.

[Editor’s note: Pages 2 through 4 consist of a copy of Serial 2128. Page 5 is a copy of Serial 2138, the March 30 letter from Clement Zablocki, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.]