Serial 2170

United States Government

Date: 5/9/79

To: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
From: SAC, BALTIMORE (89-173) -RUC-

Subject: RYMUR (OO:SF)

Enclosed for San Francisco, are fifteen (15) 1-A envelopes containing the following items:

United Airlines Airbill #98226225; notes from interviews of Tim Reiterman, Stephen Sung, USAF property record; composite photo sheet; autopsy permission statement of [Steven] Katsaris; autopsy permission form of [Richard] Castillo; agent notes re bullet from Javers; agent notes re interview of Speier (2); agent notes re interview of Boyd; copies of 10 letters; autopsy authorization of [Violatt] Dillard; agent notes re interview of Javers; onr Maxwell C-46 tape cassette.

Two hundred forty-eight bodies from captioned incident remain at Dover Air Force Base awaiting burial arrangements.

Inasmuch as all identification and pathological operations at Dover Air Force Base have been discontinued, and are being handled at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC, and no leads are outstanding, this case is being considered RUC by Baltimore Division.

All pertinent serials, original FD-302s, and 1-A envelopes have been forwarded to 00 [San Francisco].

[Referenced materials not included]