Serial 2176

FBI Airtel

Date 4/20/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Re Bureau airtel to San Francisco, dated 3/27/7.

Enclosed for the Bureau are two copies of two interviews with Claire [Clare] Bouquet conducted on April 5, 1979, and April 6, 1979.

Claire Bouquet was cooperative during the interviews and was advised by interviewing agent from referenced airtel that she was not the individual referred to in paragraph 2 of her letter, dated March 20, 1979.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 4/16/79

Claire Bouquet, 18 Toll Ridge Court, San Mateo, California, was interviewed and provided the following information:

Bouquet advised that her first interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which would concern any aspects of the People’s Temple and Reverend Jim Jones, occurred after the assassination of Congressman Ryan. She is aware, however, of two other individuals that had contacted the FBI prior to Congressman Ryan’s assassination and were afforded interviews. These two individuals are Steven Katsaris and Tim Stoen. Steve Katsaris is the father of Maria Katsaris, former People’s Temple member. He is presently the director of Trinity School for Children, a Greek Orthodox church school which treats emotionally disturbed children and is located at 915 West Church Street, Ukiah, California.

Tim Stoen is a former People’s Temple member who was active in the “Concerned Relatives” movement.

Bouquet “double checked” with Katsaris and Stoen concerning their contact with the FBI prior to sending a letter to the Director of the FBI. However, she was unable to provide dates as to their contacts, the substance of any of their allegations or the specific individuals or offices of the FBI which may have been contacted.

Bouquet was unaware of any other individuals who may have contacted the FBI concerning any allegations they might have had concerning Reverend Jim Jones or the People’s Temple. Bouquet specifically indicated that she is unaware of any mother of any individual who was a Temple member who might have registered any complaints with the FBI.

Bouquet was able to document some of her efforts;[,] however, at exposing Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. These efforts are as follows: on March 1, 1978, a letter was sent to the US Embassy, Georgetown. This was directed to “To Whom it May Concern” and contained references to newspaper allegations about Temple activities. A reply was received, dated March 23, 1978, from Nancy A. [Moson] Mason, American Vice Consul.

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SF 88 [89] – 250

On June 20, 1978, a letter was mailed to Forbes Burnham, Prime Minister of Guyana. This letter set forth allegations against the People’s Temple and sought Burnham’s assistance. Copies of this letter were additionally sent to President Jimmy Carter, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Congressman Leo Ryan, Congressman Paul W. McCloskey, and Ambassador Lawrence [Laurence] Mann. Only Ryan and McCloskey wrote replies. Ryan’s subsequent efforts are well detailed. McCloskey indicated he would refer further complaints to Mr. Douglas P. Bennett, Jr., Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations.

Bouquet indicated that she had additionally sought assistance with Assistant District Attorney Larry Lawrence with the District Attorney’s Office, San Francisco, California, Ray Ashwill, a lobbyist at the state capital in Sacramento, United States Attorney Billy Hunter, San Francisco, California, and Senator Sam Hayakawa, Senator from California.

Bouquet was advised by Assistant District Attorney Larry Lawrence that the People’s Temple matter was out of his department’s jurisdiction. Bouquet was unable to provide specific dates for contact with the DA’s office.

Bouquet indicated that she contacted Ashwill sometime in July. Bouquet was unable to provide a current address or telephone number for Ashwill; but indicated that she had had contact with Ashwill in the past and traveled to Sacramento, hoping that he could direct her to someone who would be of some assistance. Bouquet, upon contacting Ashwill, displayed to him numerous newspaper articles from California papers and from national magazines alleging criminal activities on the part of the People’s Temple. Ashwill, upon viewing these articles, advised that this matter appeared to be “very political”. He advised her that he would contact a personal friend of his, United States Attorney Herman Sillas, Eastern District of California, Sacramento, California, and apprise him of the situation. Ashwill, shortly after this initial contact, probably the following day, telephonically advised Bouquet that Sillas was extremely interested and wanted additional time in which to look into this matter. Approximately two weeks later, Ashwill was recontacted telephonically and advised that Sillas had assembled a “package” which Bouquet interpreted to mean documents on the People’s Temple and have forwarded these down to United States Attorney Billy Hunter, Northern District of California, San Francisco, California. Ashwill advised her that Sillas appeared extremely

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SF 89–250

interested but indicated it was not in his jurisdiction and would be handled by the United States Attorney’s Office, San Francisco, California. Bouquet contacted the United States Attorney’s Office on the same day and was advised that USA Hunter was ill and would not be in that day. Bouquet indicated that it was quite urgent that she talk to Hunter. Subsequently, on the same date, Hunter telephonically contacted Bouquet from his home. Bouquet indicated that she sought his help in investigating the People’s Temple. She initially inquired whether Hunter had received any information from USA Sillas concerning the People’s Temple. Hunter advised that he had not and indicated that this matter did not appear to be within his jurisdiction and there was not a thing he could do.

Bouquet had additionally sought assistance from Senator Hayakawa. Upon contacting Hayakawa’s office, she was referred to Francine Malone who she recalls saying “I’m handling the People’s Temple thing” and that she was the person who was “looking into it”.

Subsequently, Bouquet forwarded to Senator Hayakawa’s office a copy of an interview with Debbie Layton which had appeared in a California newspaper and a copy of the Olanda [Yolanda] Crawford affidavit, dated July 17, 1978. Both of these articles contain numerous allegations against the People’s Temple.

Bouquet announced that since reading the newspaper article which she referred to in her letter to Director Webster, she suspects that Senator Hayakawa’s office may have referred her letter to the FBI. She feels that it is necessary to pursue this matter in view of the fact that she was pleading with various agencies within and without the Federal Government for the protection of the life of her son and the lives of others including, among others, the lives of young foster children whose care and welfare were given to the People’s Children [Temple]. Now over 1000 American lives have been lost and she feels that a personal reply is warranted from the Federal or State agency which had the power to avert this tragedy. She indicated that she has an open mind in this matter and stated that if Director Webster could prove to her that the FBI did everything it could to investigate the People’s Temple in view of the information received by the FBI, she would gladly be the FBI’s best ally in insisting on adequate legislation and statutes which would enable the investigation of these groups.

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SF 89–250

Bouquet stated that in view of the adverse publicity received by the People’s Temple, it is difficult to imagine that someone other than Congressman Ryan did not find sufficient cause to investigate the People’s Temple.

Bouquet produced a notebook containing the following articles, all of which appeared prior to Congressman Ryan’s assassination. She indicated that the same articles were the articles displayed to Ashwill.

The articles in Bouquet’s possession are as follows:

Article in New West magazine by Marshall Kilduff and Phil Tracy, August 1, 1977.

Article which appeared in the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle July 17, 1977, page 14

Article by Marshall Kilduff, San Francisco Chronicle “Reverend Jones’ Disciples May Be Leaving”

Article, San Francisco Chronicle, August 4, 1977, “Reverend Jones Resigns City Housing Post”

Article, unknown newspaper, “Church Denies Exodus”

Article, San Francisco Chronicle, dated August 2, 1978 [1977], “DA Probing Reverend Jim Jones, People’s Temple”

Article, unknown newspaper, “Former Deputy DA Named In Temple Property Probe”

Article, unknown newspaper, “$1.1 Million Suit Against Reverend Jones”

Article, dated August 7, 1977, “Reverend Jones, The Power Broker”

Article, San Francisco Sunday Examiner Chronicle, dated August 7, 1977, “Staged Tours for Politicians With Church Members as Actors”

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SF 89–250

Article, “People’s Temple – Families Complain”

Article, San Francisco Examiner, dated Sunday, August 14, 1977, front page headlines

Article by Tim Reiterman and Nancy Dooley, “The Temple – A Nightmare World”

Article, same paper, “Ex-Members Tell Of Beatings”

Article, August 19, 1977, “How People’s Temple Grew Wealthy”

Article, San Francisco Chronicle, August 20, 1977, “Light in Temple’s Jungle”

Article, February 26, 1978, “An Astonishing Phone Call – It’s Reverend Jones From Guyana”

Article, San Francisco Examiner, February 26, 1978, “People’s Temple Pastor, Ex-Member Claim Same Son”

Article, “Jones and Temple Under Investigation”

Article, handwritten notation, May, 1978, “Father Sues People’s Temple for $1.5 Million”

Article, “Letters from the Faithful Support Jones”

Article, “Voices from Guyana Back Reverend Jones”

Article, Richmond progress by E. Cahill Maloney, “People’s Temple in Guyana – Paradise or Prison”

Los Angeles Times, June 9, 1978, “LA Couple Sue Religious Leader – Coerced Into Selling Home. They Allege an $18 Million Suit”

Article, June 15, 1978, San Mateo Times, “Temple Beatings Told”

Article, June 15, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle, “Ex People’s Temple Member Grim Report From Jungle”

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SF 89–250

Article, June 19, 1978, “Escapee Tells of Suicide at Reverend Jones Outpost”

Article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, June 26, 1978, “Temple Sued – Couple Claims Threat To Kill”

Article by Chris Smith in June, 1978, “New $20 Million Suit Against Jones’ Temple”

Article, San Francisco Chronicle, July 11, 1978, “People’s Temple Sues Ex-Council [Counsel] For Millions”

Bouquet additionally displayed the following correspondence from the State Department. She indicated they also availed her of no effective assistance, which she feels typifies the government’s efforts. This letter was a letter from Lawrence Mann, U.S. Counsel [Guyana Ambassador to the United States], Guyana, dated June 28, 1978, which stated that her allegations against the People’s Temple were “wildly inaccurate”. Bouquet stated that she subsequently understands Mann was “sleeping with” People’s Temple member Paula Adams.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 4/18/79

Claire Bouquet was contacted telephonically at her residence in response to her telephone call, placed to the San Francisco Office of the FBI on the same day.

Bouquet advised that she had subsequent information concerning Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple which would supplement her interview of April 5, 1979.

Bouquet advised that sometime prior to the Ryan assassination, she contacted Special Agent [name deleted] of the San Mateo Resident Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation. She contacted [name deleted] to inquire whether the FBI how to file on Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. SA [name deleted] advised her that the FBI does have a file on Jones and the People’s Temple, but that it was not a pending investigation. Bouquet stated that she directed no complaints to SA [Name deleted] at that time, nor did she ask for his investigative assistance. Bouquet was asked why she did not mention this contact with the FBI during the interview of April 5, 1979. She stated that she did not mention this contact because she did not believe the contact would be reflected in any official records, nor did she voice a complaint or ask for any assistance of the FBI at that time. Bouquet indicated that she did not feel that a telephone call requesting information constituted an interview.

Bouquet additionally indicated others that she believed might be worth interviewing. These individuals are as follows: (1) [Name deleted], whose daughter died in Guyana; (2) [Name deleted], whose daughter also died in Guyana; and (3) [Name deleted] of the New Liberation United Presbyterian Church, 1700 Divisadero, San Francisco, California, telephone [deleted]. [Name deleted] was described as a black Minister, who was one of the few individuals who actively preached against Jim Jones and the People’s Temple.