Serial 2179


Date 5/15/79

To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

For information San Francisco the Health Committee on International Relations has requested copies of all video tapes in the possession of San Francisco regarding captioned matter. With the concurrence of the Justice Department who was conferred with US Attorney William Hunter, San Francisco, a compromise has been reached with the committee whereby these tapes will not be copied, but rather, they will be reviewed by members of the committee at Washington, DC.

San Francisco promptly forward all video tapes to FBIHQ, Attention: Personal Crimes Unit, unless the tapes are being utilized at this time for investigative purposes. San Francisco insure chain of custody maintained. The video tapes will be returned to San Francisco after viewing by the committee.

If the tapes are needed in San Francisco at this time, promptly advise FBIHQ who will delay the viewing by the committee.