Law Office Report 17, February 18, 1978

[Editor’s note: The duplicate of this xeroxes of this Law Office Report on pages B5e(6) and (6a) includes numerous notations; those notations are included in this original copy.]


Law Office Report #17
page 1
from June [Crym]

This is to double check instructions which have been received and which apparently need more consultation over there. Sarah told Lillie today she had not cleared legally certain situations which we have already received go aheads on. So we are asking that you go back to previous law office reports listed below and see if you have some consensus now. I am having whatever more current info I have to each. [Handwritten notation on original: “Answers needed on all”]

1. See Law Office Report No. 8:

8.c: (Diola Christmas, Betty Fountain, children):

I got handwritten instructions from Lucinda about a month ago: “Yes. They should move back to LA. Their situation is bad whatever way you look at it, but it’s best for travel the sooner the better.” [Two handwritten notations on duplicate illegible]

Since this report was written and these instructions received, Diola moved back to LA on her own, and Betty is getting project housing in Portland. We would have to finance Betty ‘s move back to LA, and Alice is worried about Betty and the children’s return to hostile dad. We would rather have Betty stay in Portland till get word from you re when to have travel separately. [Handwritten notation on duplicate: “3/4/78 to June”]

8.a: (Michael Daniels, Annie Mae Harris) – Annie went to LA, talked with welfare people, found out that Michael was placed with his natural dad when he was 3 and mom judged unfit. Welfare had no papers on it and did not pursue it when she asked for papers. [Handwritten notation on duplicate: “3/4/78 to June”]

I got handwritten instructions from Lucinda: “Yes.”

8.d: (Aurora Rodriguez, 3 grandchildren): [Handwritten notation on duplicate: “OK. Cove over with G-mother together”]

Lucinda’s instructions were: “What about the children’s father? Are they a problem? Who are the kids’ father? What’s the relationship with him. If all’s cool, with the dad, then they can come.” [Handwritten notations on duplicate: “OK” and “3/4/78 to June”]

I checked with Aurora: there are 2 dads involved, neither of whom’s whereabouts are known, and both have served time in jail. Neither have been heard from in years. [Handwritten addition on original: “OK – but where is the mom in this? Sorry, I forgot.”; Handwritten addition on duplicate: “Make sure we have proper papers”]

8.f: (Exie Eleby, Melita Gibson)

Lucinda’s instructions were: “Need court approval for child, Melita, to go with Exie. Attach mother’s consent and affidavit that father has not seen the child in years, and she doesn’t know his whereabouts.” [Two handwritten notations on duplicate: “Bad idea” and  “Come back to this”]

Natural mom is Jean Gibson; Frolich would be the attorney who would get the court order approval for child to travel out of state with Exie, and he knows situation with Jean’s husband from past involvement with her criminal case. I do not think he would go along with the affidavit idea. Florida is checking with Exie this week to see how she would feel if she alone were to go and the child stay with her natural mom, Jean Gibson, till Jean goes. I would prefer it this way because even with affidavit, Jean Gibson could always renege on the affidavit at a later time. [Handwritten marginal note on original: “Right”; Handwritten addition on duplicate: “file affidavit that she doesn’t object to child going to Guyana & if true [illegible word] not seen for service guardianship.”]

This raises another question: do you want court approval on


Law Office Report #17
page 2
from June

children traveling out of state in guardianship cases, or are you considering these

individually? We already have some children over there without court approval and without their natural parents with them: (1) Rondell & Randell Carroll, whose legal guardian is great-grandmother Ruby Johnson, parent Betty Carroll who is here; [Handwritten marginal note on Carroll entry on duplicate: “potential problem”] (2) Stephanie Morgan, whose legal guardians are John & Ava Jones, parent abandoned and grandmother who was former legal guardian is deceased; (3) Marvin Sellers, whose Guardian is Richard Janaro, no relation, and natural mom is Alta Sellers, here; [Handwritten marginal note on Sellers entry on duplicate: “no problem”]  (4) Vincent Lopez, legal guardian Walter Jones; [Handwritten marginal note on Lopez entry on duplicate: “potential problem”] (5) Julie Runnels, legal guardian Paulette Jackson is here, and natural mom Jewel Runnels is here; (6) Cornelius Truss, legal guardian Maud Perkins, and natural mom Barbara Hickman here, rarely comes. [Handwritten marginal note on last entry on duplicate: “resident”]

Why are you asking for court approval on travel if you already have situations over there with no court approval? [Handwritten addition on duplicate: “why did ourselves further into a pile of shit?”]

2. In November I wrote over about Roseanna Dickerson and grandchildren the following, and received back, “do not send these people.” Roseanna already has one grandchild over there.

Roseanna has legal guardianship of Jeross, Yolanda, Masadine & Amanda Brown. Yolanda is already over there. Masadine and Amanda were sent home to natural dad last summer for discipline, stayed 6 months, came back. Roseanna got natural dad’s consent for travel overseas. All of these children were disciplined in service in the past, and we all know that Masadine told her dad about it last summer. [Marginal note on duplicate: “sent 2/4/78”]

In November we told Eric; he at first said no, they should not go over because we could not afford any more problems, but then he changed his mind and reservedly gave assent, saying clearly that if the children’s natural dad should change his mind and ask for his children to return, we would have to return them. This is Eric’s position all the time anyway but we don’t necessarily follow it, so we don’t understand why you are saying now for her and the children not to travel over. Do you want official court approval for the children to travel out of state? I expect we would have to get the dad’s consent all over again for the court thing. [Handwritten addition on duplicate: “Yes, we want official court approval – over them”]

It would be helpful to us on this and if you folks over there with get together on these situations and if you have any change of instructions, please radio back. All of these are touchy cases and we don’t want to end up sending over the wrong ones, or keeping some back who might have gone after all.


[typewritten note]

To Carolyn Layton

This Law Office Report includes xeroxes of the insurance policies on LA, SF, RWV [Redwood Valley] Temples, LA apts. & Ranch. There is also a second copy of this Law Office Report but that does not include the xeroxes of insurance policies.


B5e(6) and (6a) duplicate B5e(4) and (4a)