Law Office Report 18, February 18, 1978


[Handwritten notation at top: “For Carolyn Layton”]

Law office report #18
page 1
from June [Crym]

  1. Sammy Johnson, son of Mary Rollins – Attached is copy of his case history. Leona [Collier] says he is kind of slow, maybe mentally not all there. Mary has been a member for years, on welfare, unable to pay for lawyer. She already has a daughter overseas, adult, Dorothy Rollins. He was picked up driving a car that was towing a stolen car; his friend in the car who had stolen the towed car ran away, and Sammy got stuck with the rap. He was already on State suspended sentence from a prior, and the judge on the State suspended sentence had told him that if he ever saw him again he would send him to the penitentiary. Sammy’s in jail on the stolen car charge now, in Alameda County jail. Guy’s [Guy Young] his p.o., had to write a report recommending revocation of State suspended sentence probation, no choice in the matter. Sammy appears in court 2/22 for judge to decide on question of revocation of probation on State suspended sentence, will most likely send him to State prison after his Alameda County jail sentence up in April. Lilly checked on radio, got clearance to offer Guyana as probation site when Alameda Co. jail sentence up. We are preparing letters to submit to judge this week; Hue [Fortson] and Sandy [Bradshaw] will go in and talk with judge Tuesday before the Wednesday hearing. Guy’s supervisor said neither Guy nor supervisor could get involved in recommending for Guyana. Sammy used to come to PT irregularly, then just before he got arrested, stopped coming. Was called out in balcony once just before he stopped coming and told by Jim not to do what he was thinking of doing – Sammy did not believe and laughed. This is what happened after that.
  2. Joe Johnson – returned from LA last weekend after having been gone weeks. Had been staying with his brother, got mugged by 2 guys on street, taken at the police station by cop when he tried to defend himself. Wasn’t booked, held 1 hour only and let go. Then got a phone call, told to show up for court hearing at noon next week. This didn’t make sense, court hearings aren’t at noon and they didn’t tell him where to go. We figured maybe he was being set up; had [Jim] McElvane check it out. Got a message from McElvane it was clear up and Joe was on his way up to SF. Joe arrived and has been here ever since. Scheduled to go out next month. Attached is a copy of his case history. Note that he had record continuously, till 1974 when he started coming to PT; record stops there and he had no trouble at all till he left last month and went to LA.

B5e(7a ) – (7d12) – Court records, probation officer report, criminal record of Sammy Johnson

B5e(7e) – B5e(7e1) Criminal record of Joe Johnson

B5e(8) – Duplicate of B5e(7)