Law Office Report 20, February 28, 1978


Law Office Report #20
page 1
from June [Crym]


Serena Hunt: Serena is the senior citizen Lois Ponts brought up from Fresno without clearance in ‘76, who was eventually placed in a rest home on Medi-Cal with help of a Dr. Alan Lewis, by Rheavina [Rheaviana] & Jack [Beam]. We have received mail addressed to Rheavina that the rest home Serena is in will no longer be eligible for Medi-Cal patients April 1, 1978, and that Serena be relocated to another Medi-Cal approved facility of her choice as soon as possible.

The background on this case is known by Chaikin: There had been a problem with placing her in a rest home under Medi-Cal because she had property in Fresno and 2 savings accounts. She signed a deed granting ownership and property over to PT as a gift, and this was recorded 7/9/76, making it public record that property belonged to PT. She signed release of savings accounts and they were closed and donated to PT. She signed power of attorney and appointed Jack & Rheavina as attorneys in fact to act on her behalf. We sold the house,  proceeds $23,000, in 9/76. After Rheavina went overseas, Hue Fortson & Kris Kice have made regular visits as official members of PT to make it clear that PT has not just placed this old woman in a rest home and ignored her.

[Tim] Stoen and [Mike] Cartmell were in on this case from the beginning.

  1. Do we now have any obligation to this woman as far as placement?
  2. Could we write or call Dr. Lewis and explain that Rheavina and Jack are both overseas and we would appreciate him doing same as he did last time, find a rest home that will take Medi-Cal patients?
  3. Or should we write directly to the Dept. of Health, who was the agency that wrote to Serena notifying her that she will have to be relocated, and explain the same?

Attached are copies of 2 letters we received, one from Dept. of Health and one from the Rest Home.

Please send a message back right away on this, ON THE RADIO.

2. Re Law Office Report #8, Item 1, re Sammy Johnson:

Hue and Sandy  [Bradshaw] tried to see judge, bailiff would not let them, but they finally talked to the public defender who will be handling Sammy’s case. Had 2 court sessions, brief, public defender appointed Sammy’s lawyer. Hue talked to public defender this Monday, who said that the judge is in favor of our Guyana program, is going to refer the case back to Sammy’s probation officer for a report on our project. Sammy’s probation officer is Guy Young, so there should be no problem there, and his own supervisor is receptive to us.

The next hearing will be March 24, where the judge will review Guy’s report. The public defender anticipates Sammy should be released in mid April on his prior car theft charge, and if we make a good showing at the March 24 date that paperwork is underway to get him passport, etc. and that he would be traveling with supervisors over to Guyana, there should be no problem in getting probation to the project. Leona [Collier]  says that Sammy’s mom, Mary Rollins, now is


Law Office Report #20
page 2
from June

in a good frame of mind about going over herself, and getting things together for it.

3. Re Law Office Report #13, page 3, No. 8, Marie Mills: She has changed her mind about adopting Lee Anne Thompson, Kay Rosas’ daughter, too much paperwork, and there really is no problem since the mom is overseas. She will instead try for adoption of her 3 foster kids.

B5e(9b) – (9c) – Letters referenced in Item 1.

B5e(9d) – Handwritten list by Eugene Chaikin

Corporation Problems – “To Do” List

  1. Get a complete set of PT Corp. Minutes down here fast. Put original in [Charles] Garry’s office.
  2. Get our PT corporate file here from Georgetown – both Articles & Bylaws – either from our offices or from Clarke & Clarke – fast.
  3. Get our Guyana Corporate file from Georgetown – our file or Clarke’s.
  4. Compare Proposed Corp. Articles to US for tax compatibility & return to Clarke – expedite the filing. Transfer the lease and Bank Accounts to new Corp.
  5. Apply for Guy[anese] citizenship for directors of new Corp.
  6. See what we need to do to have a majority of PT directors here, then do in the required assisting resolutions.
  7. Get tax counsel to respond to the letter.

B5e(9e) – Handwritten note: “Terri [Buford]: Legal For Your Files”

B5e(10) – (10c) – Duplicates of B5e(9) – (9c)