Law Office Report 21, March 7, 1978


[Handwritten notation at top of page: “To: Carolyn Layton”]

Law Office Report #21
March 7, 1978
page 1
from June [Crym]

  1. Hartford Insurance Co. group policy – this is an explanation of the question I asked on radio – Claire told us about a group policy which apparently was taken out for p.r. purposes to impress with numbers, at $1.50 per member, and we listed membership as 8,000. Mayfield is the agent, is nosy about it, and thought we’d be interested in canceling (he’s angling to find out how many we have). This policy covers people here and in transit, traveling across the states. No claims have ever been filed on it, and Mayfield says that if we renew it, he can get it at $1.00 per member now, but he will need an inventory of who and how many. We want to know if we should renew. Obviously, most of the people on it are now overseas. I don’t know if when we took out the policy originally, whether names were supplied Mayfield of the members in the policy. Harold might remember this. Please send us an answer via radio before April 24. [Annotated bold handwritten note in margin: “[Eugene] Chaikin says NO – Sandy [Bradshaw] 3/3”]
  2. Attached is a copy of a letter we’ve received from Academic Financial Services Association re Sarah’s endowment loan; should we pay this? Total bill is $180, first payment is due June 1. Will this cause problems for her degree if we don’t pay? [Annotation in margin: “Sandy 3/13”]
  3. Danny Kutulas, Declaration of Costs, Mendocino County: Attached is a form we’ve received addressed to Danny, “Earth Moving”. What do you suggest we do with this? There is a signature line at the bottom; perhaps he should sign it and return it and fill it out saying no longer in operation… The deadline is April 15.
  4. Don Fields – has an outstanding balance of $42 in his bank account. This is a joint account with Shirley. Would you please ask them if they want to withdraw this $, and have they [them] draw up a letter, signed by both of them, if they want to withdraw it, and send it back here. They should request that the balance of the account be sent to them in a cashier’s check c/o Eugene Chaikin, PO Box 15156, San Francisco. The account no. is 0891-PS13, and the bank is Bank of America, Northridge Office, Box F, Northridge, California. We will forward it onto the bank from here.
  5. Wanda Johnson has called again, regarding Danny Pietila’s trust account which was managed by Tim Stoen and Chaikin through the Bank of America in Ukiah. She claims he’s threatening to sue because we haven’t given him his balance. This case has floated back and forth between Chaikin and Bonnie for several months before Chaikin went over; now we have had Bonnie go through the records one more time and she has written a recap sheet of withdrawals, to prove that the trust account has been set up by writing checks to Danny for various expenses he requested. Several bank statements are missing, and to obtain microfilm copies of them to verify the recap sheet, we need a letter from Chaikin authorizing Bonnie or Jean Brown to get these copies. I have attached such a letter. Please have Chaikin sign it. Also see attached a recent opinion issued by the Calif State Bar in reference to attorneys trust accounts for clients. I am afraid that Danny’s reason for messing with us on this is that he is being provoked by Stoen; and I think we better clear this matter up as soon as we can to stay ahead in the game. Please send back this signed letter as soon as possible, we can do nothing more till we get it.

B5e(11a) – Letter from Academic Financial Services Association, referenced in Item 2.

B5e(11b) – B5e(11b6) – Form referenced in Item 3.

B5e(11c) – Bank statement referenced in Item 4.

B5e(11d) – (11e) – Two documents referenced in Item 5.

B5e(12) – (12e) – Duplicate of (11) – (11e)