Law Office Report 47, August 8, 1978


Law Office Report #47
August 8, 1978
from June [Crym]
page 1


  1. Attached is W-2 for Kathy Jackson.
  2. Attached is notice of tax correction, disallowance of renter credit, for Lillian Taylor. I think she did her own before she went overseas.
  3. Notice of adjustment to account, balance due $679.47, for Lois Ponts, from IRS for tax period 1975.
  4. Danny and Edith Kutulas, notice of action re protest to notice of proposed assessment. I don’t quite understand what this is all about, but it looks like they owe some money.
  5. James Simpson – another notice from Franchise Tax Board re 1977 taxable income for Basic Vegetable Products. My radio instructions say he was going to write them a letter, but I have received nothing so far.
  6. IRS letter to Joe Wilson re returned refund check – this is about the third one we’ve got on returned refund checks, but we’ve never received this form letter before where the person is required to sign the letter. When we found out that 2 other refund checks were returned by the post office, Hattie and Tom went to the post office and straightened out the problem, but apparently it’s still happening. We will check into the post office problem here, but in the meantime Joe should sign and return the enclosed letter – he signs at the second page and fills out the rest.
  7. IRS letter to Lisa Layton – same as #6. Have her sign and return in the mail the second page.
  8. Ray and Agnes Jones – notice from Franchise Tax Board the their 1974 income tax return – the allowance for State tax withheld is limited to the amount shown on the W-2’s attached to return. It says a refund is in process.
  9. Nat Swaney and Willie Reed got another extension on their federal tax returns, and they have until October 16, 1978 to file their returns for 1977.

[Editor’s note: B5b(9b) – 9(l) are tax documents referenced in Law Office Report.]

[Editor’s note: B5b(10) – 10(l) comprise second copy of Law Office Report.]