Law Office Report 49, August 15, 1978


Law Office Report #49
August 15, 1978
from June [Crym]
page 1


  1. Annette Jones – personal income tax due, Franchise Tax Board, $213.69, with penalty of .056 per day accruing.
  2. Emma Hill – income tax due, Franchise Tax Board, $11.14, with penalty of .003 per day accruing.
  3. Cleve & Hellen [Helen] Swinney – This is the second time around on this one – I thought this was taken care of already overseas… Balance due IRS is $686. I think that Tish said this is not right because he was on disability pension, unable to work… Better check into this and see if you should have him write a letter, or what Tish plans to do with this case. Note the letter says there is a time limit of 90 days from August 9 in which to file a petition of redetermination of tax amount (150 days if willing to acknowledge living outside of US, which Tish says not to do, up till now anyway)…
  4. Vernon & Winfred Smith – 1976 IRS return – required to substantiate contributions; balance due $314.50. This might require a treasurer’s letter from here backing up contributions, but we don’t have their 1976 return and don’t know if the contributions were to PT.
  5. Diane Louie Rozynko – Notice of additional tax proposed to be assessed, saying she did not respond to questionnaire re filing as head of household; and enclosing form to be completed if she still believes she qualifies for head of household status for 1976 taxable year. Looks like she owns $257.
  6. Lillian Taylor – Notice from IRS saying it looks on her return was prepared by someone other than herself who was not a tax return preparer officially. Lillian Taylor did her stuff herself, and may have had someone help her, but didn’t get it done by us. Someone should check with her over there.
  7. See Law office report #39, 7/8/78, item #4, re Kris [Chris] Kice working overtime and taking 2 jobs – what’s the answer? Have got no feedback on this one; she’s making $2000 a month – can she claim Tom and Tommy as dependents? She would get more now if she did.

[Editor’s note: Pages B5b(13b) through B5b(13i) are tax papers and records documenting the items above.]

[Editor’s note: Pages B5b(14a) through B5b(14i) duplicate B5b(13a) through B5b(13i).]