Law Office Report 51, August 16, 1978


Law Office Report #51
August 16, 1978
from June [Crym]
page 1

This is a special last-minute report, made separate because what is needed needs immediate attention:

Sebastian, Teddy and Renée McMurray’s [McMurry] mom called the church tonight; their brother – the one aged in years between Sebastian and Teddy, Vera didn’t ask his name – has died and Mrs. McMurray is trying to settle the estate and she needs a power of attorney signed by Sebastian, Teddy and Renée authorizing her to act in their behalf. She says she’ll bring Renée back if she has to, if she doesn’t get an answer on this right away.

Please have Harriet [Tropp] or Jan [likely Jann Gurvich] or someone over there draw up a power of attorney, type, and signed and witnessed, and NOTARIZED in Georgetown, and returned immediately… I think it could just be generally worded, saying that each of them appoint their mother as their attorney-in-fact for the specific purpose of acting on their behalf in the settling of the estate of [blank space], etc.

Mrs. McMurray told Vera she had just got out of an institution where she had been because of nervous exhaustion caused by dealing with the settling of the estate and the fact of the death.