(Editor’s note: Independent researcher Brian Csuk received this document from the State Department in response to his request for agency records under the Freedom of Information Act. His website on primary government sources related to Peoples Temple went offline in 1998.)

6:15 a.m. November 19

Ambassador [John] Burke informed Task Force that an Embassy officer who accompanied the Guyanese authorities into Port Kaituma has confirmed the deaths of four members of CODEL as follows: Congressman Ryan, Mr. Bob Brown NBC, Don Harris NBC-T [TV] and another individual, an unidentified photographer.

The Embassy reported that six persons were injured including our DCM who was slightly wounded. Other injured members were Jackie Speiers [Speier], S. Song [Steve Sung] NBC-TV, Antony [Anthony] Katsaris plus two unidentified. No information was received about the extent of the injuries to the wounded individuals. The Embassy still have not been able to confirm the report of the mass suicides. However, the Ambassador was assured by the Guyanese authorities that they would be getting to Jonestown as quickly as possible to determine the situation there. Next-of-kin of all three identified as dead have been notified.

Originally posted on March 29th, 2021.

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