Evening Reading – November 21

(Editor’s note: Independent researcher Brian Csuk received this document from the State Department in response to his request for agency records under the Freedom of Information Act. His website on primary government sources related to Peoples Temple went offline in 1998.)


HIRC “Investigation” Into Guyana Tragedy

Jack Brady, Staff Director of the HIRC, has informed H that Chairman Zablocki will be sending a letter to the Department containing several questions about the Department’s role prior to the tragic events in Guyana. A “task force” of staffers is now working on the questions and they will likely cover all issues which have been raised in the press and more. Brady advises that the Chairman has made no decision concerning hearings. This decision would be made after receipt of our response to the questions.

Note: Brady is quoted in a November 21 Reuters article as saying that the HIRC had not decided whether to hold hearings on the government’s handling of the affair and that “the committee is in the process of getting as much information as it can.” Brady said that hearings would focus on the State Department’s role.

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Originally posted on March 30th, 2021.

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