Working Group SITREPs – November 22

Operations Center

November 22, 1978

MEMORANDUM FOR: Senior Watch Officers

Please tighten up the standards for format and appearance of Guyana Working Group SITREPs. They should not have been allowed to go out with Roman numerals as long as they did. The one at 6 p.m. last night should have read “1800 hours (EST)” rather than “0600 pm (est)” as it did. Naturally, you should always review them carefully for content and readability.

I am giving a copy of this to the Working Group and asking that as much as possible they show their SITREPs to you in draft. If they don’t, do not hesitate to send back the final copy if it doesn’t meet the standards required for distribution to the Secretary and other high-level readers.

William F. Rope

Copy to: Guyana Working Group

Originally posted on March 30th, 2021.

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