Articles by Connor Ashley Clayton

Originating from Chatham, Kent, and now living in London, UK, Connor Ashley Clayton holds an undergraduate degree in History from The University of Warwick, as well as an MA in Modern History from the same institution. Currently a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, his thesis is focused on investigating the changing emotional community of Peoples Temple and its influence upon the events of 1978. He can be reached at

An English Historian’s Visit to the California Historical Society (2023) NEW

Thomas Partak: A Jonestown Life in Turmoil (2022)

On Normalising the Study of Peoples Temple (2022)

A Status Check – and a Clarion Call – for Jonestown Researchers, a review (2022)

Jim Jones and Father Divine: Emotional Frameworks of Worship (2021)

An Appeal to Emotion: History, Emotions, and Jonestown (2020)