Peoples Temple Contacts with Third World Countries, January 1978


To: JJ
From: Laurie [Efrein]
Re: The packets to Third World and left countries

Enclosed are copies of what was sent to all these countries, [handwritten insertion: “plus copies of letters of support from our friends”] plus the Summer 1977 Progress Report. We edited the Guyana Chronicle articles – deleted mention of your meeting with Rosalyn Carter and [Walter] Mondale (and their assurances to you about U.S. policy).

I went through the Almanac, and there were so many countries I never even heard of, try to piece together their politics from the assortment of info. given and terminology used; then double-checked against the “People’s Almanac”, which includes notes on “Who Really Rules” whatever country. The ones I wasn’t sure of [handwritten insertion: “many!”] I held up for the moment to check further.

Note: We revised the letterhead and reprinted it, deleting Disciples of Christ and the Bible quote. Printed enough to keep on hand for future projects. Also reprinting mailing envelopes, and “Update: Jonestown” with same deletions (will mail packets when that’s ready).

Albania Algeria Angola Barbados Bulgaria PR [People’s Republic] of the Congo Cuba China Czechoslovakia East Germany Guinea Hungary Jamaica Kenya North Korea Mozambique Poland Romania Senegal Sierra Leone Mongolia U.S.S.R. Sri Lanka Tanzania Trinidad & Tobago Venezuela Vietnam Southern Yemen Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia

I held off on both Somalia and Ethiopia (who the press here portrays as too busy fighting each other to possibly care about us), to check further. Plus several African missions I couldn’t tell about one way or the other. If you want others specifically included, maybe can give over the radio (?).

These are all being run off on the letter-writing machine, so they all look like original copies. (Copy of one letter attached. We signed Don Beck’s name on these.)

Also enclosed: letter to Governor Brown re [Joe] Mazor; [handwritten additions: “New Times letters (use only – Sandy’s coordinating outsider letters); article on Interpol


[Handwritten memo]

Countries that would be interested in our program:

Zambia Algeria Angola Guinea Guinea-Bissau Mozambique

Send literature and information to the missions of these nations at the United Nations in New York

(I can do this if you wish – let me know)

Dick Tropp

Prexy Nesbitt suggested this – I think I should make the contacts through here – then refer them to Guyana mission

[different handwriting]

Says he wishes he could do it bec[ause] he has the protocol

* If I tell him now, he will possibly freak??

GG-3-C1 [duplicate of page G-2-C-7a]

GG-3-C2 [page on reverse side of document not related to contact with North Korea]


To: JJ
From: Laurie [Efrein]
Re: PR packets to socialist and third world countries

We changed Don Beck to Bonnie Beck on these, since Don was in the Peace Corps and could be a bad association for these countries. Wound up sending these to the countries below. Enough PR stuff being sent down to make several additional packets if we missed some countries. [Handwritten addition: “(or we can do it here)”]

Yugoslavia Trinidad & Tobago Tanzania Surinam Zambia Southern Yemen Vietnam Venezuela Zaire China Mongolia Albania Algeria Angola Barbados Bulgaria The Congo Czechoslovakia Cuba East Germany Ethiopia Grenada Guinea Guinea-Bissau Hungary Jamaica North Korea Kenya Mozambique Romania USSR Poland Panama Senegal, W. Africa Sierra Leone, W. Africa Sri Lanka


[Letter typed on Peoples Temple letterhead]

January 9, 1978

President Josip Broz Tito
Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Dear President Tito:

We extend cordial greetings to you, the government and people of the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, from the Peoples Temple in the United States and Guyana, South America. We would like to share the enclosed information with you to introduce you to the thriving pioneer agricultural project the Peoples Temple is undertaking in the North West District of Guyana, and to express to you our aspirations to enhance technology for food distribution in the interior jungle regions of developing nations.

The Peoples Temple, an organization of many thousands, is a multi-racial effort which has been instrumental in bringing large numbers of people out of poverty, crime, addictions, and many other problems created by oppressive social conditions. One thousand members of our organization are presently in Guyana, together with our leader, Jim Jones, working alongside the Guyanese government in their progressive efforts to feed, clothe, and house the nation. Our people have entered into this project with diligent enthusiasm, rapidly developing every type of skill which will best serve the needs of the Guyanese, and the self-sufficiency of the project.

People of every age, even the elderly with very limited means, have been welcomed to the project. There is an excellent school for the children which has received high praise from the Ministry of Education in Guyana; and everyone from infants to the oldest have all their needs planned for and met, including expert medical attention. We are privileged to be able to set up clinics and health care education programs in the areas surrounding the project, for Amerindian and other peoples who for the first time have close access to complete medical facilities. Our contributions in tropical agriculture include many vegetable protein foods needed in the area and not previously cultivated, some of which were thought unsuitable to jungle cultivation before the project found successful growing methods.

We hope you will find the enclosed material of some interest, and we invite any type of inquiry or communication which will help broaden our goals and perspective. Our greatest aspiration is of course for world peace, and to further any efforts which will relate to the pressing needs of many millions of the world’s people who still suffer substandard conditions of life.

We greet you in peace and friendship, with the hope foremost in our hearts for the easing of world tensions in the year 1978.

Fraternally yours,
/s/ Bonnie Beck
Mrs. Bonnie Beck


Answers to farming project inquiries from Don Beck:

Ivory Coast – Africa – letter was forwarded to that government by Mathieu Capet; First Secretary, Washington, D.C.
United Arab Republics – advised us to direct inquiries to Ministry of Immigration & Naturalization, PO Bx 228, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Finland – recommended inquiry go to Farming Administration, Maatilahallitus, Mariankatu 23, 00170 Helsinki 17 Finland.
Canada – a letter generally discouraging of the possibilities of settlement, and some lit. describing what territories were available for settlement and addresses to send to various provinces for more info. Said homesteading is virtually nonexistent.
North Korea – answer from Dept. of State informing us that US has no diplomatic relations with that country and Korean society is very austere. therefore undesirable to live in.
Switzerland – pointed out that farming land is very scarce there, being mostly mountains & water. Also mentioned severe restrictions to illegal aliens. Provided lit. pertaining to aliens & acquisition of property.
Italy – letter to inform me that my letter had been forwarded to the Italian Consulate General in S.F.
Malawi – directed us to send inquiries to the Secretary for Agriculture & Natural Resources, PO Box 30134, Lilongwe, Republic of Malawi.
Greece – advised us to direct inquiries to Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Agric., 2 Aharnon St., Athens, Greece, and to the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, 17 Valaoritou St., Athens, Greece.
Tunisia – Farming land can only be owned by Tunisians.
Albania – answer from the Dept. of State informing us that US has no diplomatic relations with that country. Recommends contacting Alb. UN Mission in New York or one of the European embassies, but cautions that Alb. is an undesirable place to live.
Mozambique – answer from Dept. of State informing us that US has no formal diplomatic relations, inquiry must be sent dir.[ectly] to that country & also it is an undesirable place to live. However, they do have a Permanent Mission to the UN at 866 UN Plaza, NY, NY 10017, or write to Peoples Rep. of Moz., in Maputo.


Angola – reply from Dept. of State advising against the idea because of Civil strife, etc. No Embassy in Wash. but has a permanent Mission to the UN in NY. Also included lit. with background information on Angola history etc.
Denmark – reply regrets the Danish legislation undying farmland is very restrictive, even for Danish citizens. Included for info some lit. regarding agric., residence & employment.
Turkey – advised us to write Ministry of Agriculture, Gida-Tarim ve Hayvancilik, Bakanligi, Ankara, Turkey
Honduras – Informed us our letter had been transferred to Lic. Rafael Leonardo Callejas, Ministerio de Recursos Naturales, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Would appreciate some advice as to how to follow up the ones that encourage it.

GG-3-F – Same letter as GG-3-D2, written to Colonel Houari Boumediuenne, President of the National Revolutionary Council, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, Algiers, Algeria, dated January 2, 1978.