Jeff Carey offers suggestions on security


To: Dad
From: Jeffrey Carey

I think that fewer people would be needed for Security if it were organized differently – thus putting people into the fields.

Finally as far as mercenaries go, we would need a far larger force of trained people to be effective against mercenaries, whose purpose would most likely be assassination by sniper which is very difficult to guard against, but which entails rather strategic placement of people and caution as to the movements and location of targets (most likely the office). I don’t think kidnapping is realistic unless they get inside assistance, and even then this could be prevented by close surveillance of possible targets within. The only other possibility to mercenary action would be the aiding of the “escape” of



of an infiltrator. Unless you know definitely who this is or is not, this is almost impossible to prevent.

Basically I think runaways could be classified into three possible categories: 1: Anarchistic or unbalanced types driven by emotion; 2: Possible infiltrators; 3: Some deliberate defector with planning aforethought.

Prevention for the last two categories is very difficult, though the best method for all three is basically psychological. I discussed this topic with CT [Charlie Touchette] who told me that he feels that many of those who have been here some time are aware that they can walk out of here any time. I said I could propably [probably] get to GT [Georgetown] before anybody knew I was gone and he said he had seen Ronnie Dennis dragging the barrel of his



gun in the dirt. I told him that if Michaeleen [Brady] could be gone for 3 hours without anybody knowing, there was something wrong.

Emotional sorts can usually be put off by fear of snakes etc. However I tried to figure that if I was an infiltrator how would I try to get away – analyzing the following. 1: The security force, from the way they handle there [their] guns and the lack of any training or drills are obviously a paper tiger – furthermore shotguns present no range and there are blind spots to the snipers in the tower and over Muggs’ cage. 2: Once having bypassed this barrier the bush presents no problems neither does the road though. 3: Timing as to how long of a head start one could get before being missed is the most important factor depending on the unseen survelance [surveillance] which apparently consists of spot checks



on people that are suspect, and the cottage and supervisor check. 4: The means of getting out of the Ridge or Kaituma and so forth. 5: What to do upon reaching Georgetown (I don’t feel that a person crossing the border is a realistic possibility without close outside assistance and alliances and money.)

In summation then you could break this procedure down into four basic phases: A. Bypassing internal security. B. Fooling the spot checks and body counts. C. Reaching point of Debarkation – 1 Kaituma 2 [Matthews] Ridge 3 Border crossing – D. Transportation to Georgetown or city in Venezuela. E. Transportation to States.

It is my contention that -A- poses the easiest phase, and that -B- should be the prime focus as it is the most difficult to circumvent since a sufficient head start gained by bypassing



this area of security makes achieving -C-  and making arrangements for -D- into phase -E- if a plane were taken (especially if radio contact with Georgetown were dead).

Methods for achieving each phase. -A- would require little but 5 minutes to walk to the bush line presupposing a knowledge of direction, finding a person is essentially gone if given as much as 5 to 10 minutes head start in the bush, and can remain undetected until they reemerge on a road, trail, or population center. -B- requires observation of survelance methods and timing, bases knowledge of train, plane or boat shedules, or else some projected goal or contact, and some method of fooling the body count (nurses excuses manipulation, manipulation of supervisor role between crew and office, manipulation of cottage check or flight from an



isolated worksite, then assuming that phase -C- is reached, having sufficient head start to either simply catch the plane or boat, or to arrange for transportation from an outside contact. This is where the situation can become touchy, and emotional or less than clever person might find difficulty here – however somebody with really insidious purposes could resort to one of three methods. 1: pretend to be on church business or physically injured and claim an emergency. 2: assuming they have money (or valuables), purchase a canoe ride or guide. 3: the worst danger is that they might contact somebody who doesn’t like us (e.g. Isaac Lambert) or somebody ambivalent who might be swayed, with some kind of story and appeal.

Good PR of course is the best answer to this and the GT and



there is really no way to seal this off or as far as I know, to detain someone in GT without creating a serious incident, though this could be easier up here than there.


Phase -A- wouldn’t be possible to seal off with even triple the existing security force.

Phase -B- could be tighter, but merely the thought that you can never get far without being missed is a good deterrent. PR and arrangements with the govt can help with -C- & -D- but as far as I can see, untill there is more of a real unified communist structure in this country, an insidious person could cause us damage in this area.

it is therefore my contention that you can effectively reduce the security force and increase the use of security checks at lunch



etc. But most important to continue to use psychological methods. Tell people that security has been retrained, let people see that they know how to handle their guns, have them do drills and so forth. Tell people about the CDR’s on each crew, and of course say that the increased body counts are to allay kidnappers. I also don’t see the security units as that much of a deterrent to anarchy. People know that they won’t be shot for acting up and this recent concentration on the news has kept people busy and out of trouble I think, I believe that a secret police to report on people’s attitudes as well as surveys such as having everybody in a meeting to write up confessions would be effective & this helps to locate a real infiltrator or potential traitor than anything.

I will prepare a report on my suggestions in this area later.