Letters to Penny Silver and Carol Kerns from mother

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Riverside Calif.
Jan 20 – 78

Dear family,

Well it has been sometime since I heard from you and I am beginning to wonder why you don’t write. I wrote a combination letter to all of you like this one will be.

Richard & family spent a few days with us at Christmas time. We really enjoyed having them.

Their house was robbed while they were here. I don’t know what all they took except some Christmas presents.

We sure have had a lot of rain & of course snow in the mountains which is really needed.

And then he has been staying with me since the 1st of the month but will move the last of the month.

Jeanette & the baby were over Sunday or Sat. before Christmas and took me to lunch. We all exchanged gifts and had a real nice visit.

The baby talks a blue streak. When we would say goodbye to people, “She would say have a nice Christmas,” and people would be surprised at grown up talk coming from such a little girl. Michelle talks like that too, no baby talk at all, as their parents don’t go for it and I don’t either.

Tomorrow is Richard’s birthday 28 years old I think or maybe 30. Come to think of it I think he was born in 1948.

Tommy & Kathleen will be parents in May or June. They are happy about it.

Mavis’s  parents are coming for a visit in April. Hope they get to see the new baby. Gotta sign off for now. Write some time.

All my love, Mother & grandmother

[Envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Silver & Carol in Georgetown, Guyana]



Riverside Calif.
Apr 6 – 78

Dear ones,

Well I am finally getting around to answering your letter which was waiting for me when I got home from a month’s vacation in the North country ha!

I visited Phil & Vickie & Timmy for a week and a week with Aunt Helen and family, and two weeks with Jerry and family and Aunt Emma, also 5 days with my friend Frances Mathews and son Robert. They live on Camano Island.

Everyone was so nice to me, I will never forget such a lovely time. I plan on going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving or after the weather cools off.

Phil and Vicki are doing real good and have a lot of nice friends. Ruth Ellen called me last night, she and Bruce had a 6# baby girl yesterday morning. They seem so happy. They named her Katie and I didn’t get the 2nd name. The family tree is really branching out. We finally got a hard rain which really cooled things off.

Did I tell you that Tom and Kathleen had a baby girl May 23, she weighed nine and a half pounds. Milton and Norine stay well and happy and busy.

Well dear family, I’ll sign off and try to write to Carol. If she doesn’t get a letter with yours tell her one will be coming soon.

All my love, Mother

[Envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Silver in Georgetown, Guyana]



[Envelope addressed to Mrs. A.M. Silver in Georgetown, Guyana]

Riverside Calif.
Oct 4 – 78

Dear ones,

Guess I’d better start a few lines to you so I can mail it tomorrow.

I really enjoyed getting your letter & the pictures. Thanks a lot. Milton and Norine like them too and remarked at how nice you looked since losing weight.

Your yard really looked nice & green and of course it is.

No news around here only the eternal hot weather. I thought I had forgotten how to sweat, but not so.

I spent last week in Long Beach with Jeanette and Jafar & the baby. They are doing ok. Just as hot there as anyway worse. I think as they don’t have refrigeration, only a square fan on the floor. I had a nice time anyway.

Milton and Norine will spend the last week of this month in Hawaii. I am glad they can get away. They both work hard & deserve a vacation.

Did I tell you that Don Ellis died of cancer in May? He didn’t last too long after he was stricken, which was a blessing.

After the weather cools off I will go to Ariz for a change.

Richard & Sharon have invited me for Christmas and I hope to make it.

I am sure you enjoyed seeing all these interesting men, also reading the good books.

Thu 5th: Do you get to Georgetown very often? And how far do you live from there?

Mary Ware moved to Sacramento to live with her oldest daughter. The City condemned their old house she lived in. Reyna  can’t do any improvements on it on it but can rent it as is, which sounds crazy to me.

Today is dark and gloomy and I hafta go to the PO for stamps before I can mail this. I also have other mail to send off.

Well dear family I’ll sign off for now and pay some bills.

All my love, Mother

PS Tell Carol I’ll write to her in the near future.

PS again.  Your letter was unsealed when it got here. “Lick a little more next time.” Ha!