Letters to Jann Gurvich from mother

EE-4-I – 4-N


My dear Jann–

At long last, I received your note, and a lucky thing too. I was just waiting for your father to come back from Atlanta and we would have been down there. I was getting a little frantic. I know you’re 24 years old and you think you lead a charmed life, but that angel who watches over you has more than it can do. Also you did not answer any of my questions – are you coming home for Christmas.

I do hope you plan too. Elsie misses you so, we all do, and it was terrible of you to run off without seeing those who love you so much. You just never know what might happen until it’s too late. Then you spend the rest of your life regretting all the things you left undone. Please give this some thought.

Have you received any of your father’s letters and the check he sent to you. He’s very concerned about you. He used the Jonestown address of the People’s Temple. Are you living in Jonestown or Georgetown. And where is this school located you teach in. (Bad structure in that sentence, I know) Just don’t grade this. – Louis is in exams now and I do hope he will finally graduate (maybe I should say finish since there will be no gradually exercise for several months) at least. He is working part-time as a law clerk now, and Leonard King mentioned he would like to have him in his office when he has time. I don’t think he takes the “bar” til Jan. or Feb. Wish him luck cause it’s time he got out of school. – Don’t know if I told you Eloise had an operation Nov 14th (I think). She had had a mass in her stomach and they were not sure what it might be. No cancer there, thank goodness and she is doing very well. But poor Eddie is not. Guess I told you he has a pacemaker now, but that doesn’t help Congestive Heart Failure. He gets much better when they put him in the hospital but as soon as he gets out he’s in trouble again. I’m afraid he won’t make it much longer. He just looks gray all over and has some Edema too. I went up for E. operation  and it was a terrible shock to see him. Jimmy seems to be getting along pretty well tho. Course he takes it easy, which is his way anyway. But poor Eddie can’t take this inaction. He’s like Bertie was, eager to have a clean house with everything in order, but living with Jimmy that’s impossible. – Elsie doesn’t look well either. She is just getting so feeble. It’s sad to have to watch loved ones grow old. Please try to come home for her sake if nothing else. – Please answer this right away so I know what to expect. As for the typewriter you could buy one for what the postage would cost, and what about the duty you would have to pay. I’ll look into it but I doubt it can be done. Surely there must be typewriters down there. You check that out. Don’t forget, answer this right away.

I miss you and I love you



 Thursday – 3/16

Dear Jann;

I haven’t heard from you since you wrote Jan 10th. Course I realize that you did write to Elsie and I’m very glad you did. She misses you so. – Your father has been quite ill in Houston. Bad cardiograms and something like the flu. It seems that he may not get enough oxygen to his heart. He’s better now and back in N.O. [New Orleans], but whether he has to look forward to a heart bypass or not, I just don’t know. I do think under these conditions a visit home from you is in order. Maybe it wouldn’t be as awful to see us as you think it would. Eloise, Maggie and Carolyn are here visiting me for a few days. Sorry to say they are leaving Sat. I would have enjoyed having them stay a bit longer. Carolyn has to go back to school on Monday tho.

Louis  has finished law school and already taken the “Bar.” Won’t know how that came out till April. That’s about six weeks later. He’s now working full time in the attorney’s office, making money at last!!! Still doesn’t have a regular girlfriend to replace Gail. Sometimes wonder if his idea of a truly great girlfriend even exists. Keep telling him he expects too much.

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Ken. was all but killed in an auto accident. Severed his aorta but unfortunately it happened near Oschner Hospital and police were chasing the car that hit him and they were able to rush him right over. 10 broken ribs, a cracked pelvis and hip, I think. He’s coming along tho.– How are things with you. Do hope you are well. Did you receive the rain poncho. Let me hear from you – I worry when you don’t write. Take good care of yourself for me –

I miss you and I love you