Letter to Brian and Claudia Bouquet from Clare Bouquet

[Envelope addressed to Brian and Claudia Bouquet at Peoples Temple address in Los Angeles, March 1978]

Monday 3/6

Dear Claudia & Brian,

Have you got a phone yet? I hope all is well.

Read the enclosed article. I found it very interesting. Whether Jim Jones is telling the truth, or Tim Stoen, I couldn’t respect Jones – operating like that! I can’t imagine an attorney being foolish enough to sign a blank piece of paper like that, which could incriminate him. On the other hand, if Jones is sleeping with other people’s wives, whatever the reason, it’s pretty gross! Keep an open mind! I’m worried about both of you, because I feel that you’re being grossly misled. Have you read All God’s Children yet? Please do. Read all of it. It’s mostly about Moonies, but I see a definite parallel. I love you both, and what you have a good life, making free choices, without anyone influencing you.

Thanks for your letter. Write and tell me what you think of this article, please.

Have to run!

I love you,