Letter to unknown child in Jonestown


4081 Hillcrest #B
Los Angeles, Calif  90008
June 3, 1977

Dear Son,

How are you doing? What is happening over there I cannot hear from you. I haven’t heard from you since the middle of March. This is my fifth letter to you. Write me Son, so I will know what is going on. You have been gone long enough to be back home by now.

I went down to the church to talk to your two assistant pastors Rev. Brown & Rev. Foerster [Hue Fortson]. They promised me they would get you to write. I have heard nothing.

Take a few minutes Son & let me know what is going on. I hope everything is fine. I’ll close now, waiting to hear from you. If I don’t hear from you soon, I am going to have to see what can be done.

Love, Mama

PS Did you get the pictures that Pumpkin sent you?



4081 Hillcrest #B
Los Angeles, Calif  90008
June 13, 1977

Dear Son,

How are you today? Fine I hope. Pumpkin & the baby came down on the weekend. The baby is still growing. I put her on the floor & she was crawling & going every place. I bought a few things for her Friday. If I can find a nice babysitter, I would keep her for a while. I am still going to keep her one week or two.

I am going to Monterey, Calif this Friday night & stay until Monday morning. When are you coming back this way? I really miss you [illegible word]. I am glad you are getting plenty of food. I ask Rev. Brown how you look, he said he lost a couple of pounds & getting some muscles. He said you were fine. Send me a picture of you. I guess I’ll close for now, will write again the latter part of the week.

Love & miss you, Mama

PS Hurry home! Did you get the pictures Pumpkin sent.