Letter from Paula Adams to parents

EE-4- AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

I didn’t get a reply to my last letter but decided to surprise you with another letter. I just arrived in Georgetown for a couple of weeks. Much to your amazement, I was able to be pulled out of my lovely cottage in the jungle so I could see some of my Guyanese friends in the capital. They come into the hinterlands to see me regularly but their invitations of reciprocity were getting a bit overdue so I decided to make the trip.

My daughter, who is now in her 2’s, is doing fine and a blossoming butterball. She has a penchant for bananas and peanut butter fudge which I have a mother’s habit of indulging her in. (I told you I adopted a little girl over a year ago.) She is in our toddler day-care program and has made great strides in learning that never cease to amaze me. She goes on field-trips around the farm and at two years old can identify crops we are growing and livestock we are raising. Because my work is secretarial, she, at two, is more knowledgeable about the farm than I am.

I am fine and, with great self-discipline, am not a butterball. I have an appetite which is that of an 18-year-old male, so have to constantly keep it in check. I have stayed in an average of 115 lbs and don’t want to gain or lose. I sent pictures last year, which I am not sure if you got because I never got a letter back. I look the same only my hair is longer.

The farm itself is a lovely community of cottages and cultural and industrial buildings. Our school is used as an example by the Guyana educational system because of the high academic standard and practical approach of demonstrating to students how knowledge can be used to develop a community. This is something that educators across the nation are trying to implement. Our success in that area is attributable to the harmony and peace amongst all the residents in our community. We are an egalitarian society in every sense of the word, racially, socially, and economically, so we have no pity jealousies that have plagued so many who have also tried what we have accomplished. Success at anything is the basis of all jealousies and so it goes with the lies and malicious attacks we’ve gotten in California. I can assure you positively, there isn’t an ounce of truth in any of the lies you’ve read.

I talked to Tom [Adams] frequently and he said he sees his parents at least once a month. They go to museums, the zoo & cultural exhibitions in the Bay Area with him.

Susan and Jimmy should either be through high school or close to it. What are their plans for the future? Knowing the Neustel [Paula Adams’ maiden name] syndrome, Susan has a boyfriend and wants to get married?