Notes from Carolyn Layton to sister Annie Moore


Dear Annie,

If Hill is no longer there when this letter arrives, please burn it and don’t convey it to anyone else.

I miss you but I’m glad you’re doing so well.

Much love,

Give Kimo [Jim Jon Prokes] my love.



Dear Annie,

Just time in this mess for a short note to say “hi”. I know you will enjoy seeing Kimo for a while. Be sure he takes his vitamins and watch his throat. He has been around several people who have had bad sore throats so he may need to see a Dr. if symptoms occur.

Maria [Katsaris] is bringing your dress for you. I pack a few cosmetic things for you and Terri [Buford] or whoever needs them. This place has been right total chaotic mess as I am sure Jim will tell you with reporters, interviews, etc. I know things aren’t all roses there either, but at least you have the greatest potential there to have some peace.

I have not yet turned in your resignation because I wasn’t sure of your permanence there. You can let me know by radio if that is necessary. I don’t know what is going to happen yet. Just let me know. I imagine you could get the job back if you wanted to whatever.

I tried to think of what you would need and I have pretty much cleaned out your stuff except for some things from your shelf.

Say hello to little Chiaoke [Chaeoke Jones] and also Jocelyn’s little one [Jocelyn Carter and her daughter, Kaywana]. I bet you are enjoying the babies – they are sweet and definitely can’t exactly talk back yet.

I miss you all and send all my love. I will have to write mom and dad, and I have talked to them on the phone. Send a letter to them but have it cleared first by JJ or whatever.