Family Letters to Corrine Kice


April 10, 1978

Hi, Sis;

I received your letter and was so glad to hear from you and the family. I’m happy that you are enjoying the country because my girlfriend, Faith, always said how beautiful it is over there. Her husband’s name is Patrick. They are temporarily separated but don’t say anything about it to him.

Celena is doing fine. She will be 12 on July 8 and of course I will be 32 years “young” on the 12th of July. L.G. says to tell you hello and he hopes to meet you one day. He has met the whole family except for you and is looking forward to it.

We are going to Jeff’s graduation on May 21, 1978 and will be driving home. Kay is coming also and will come back to Connecticut with us. I really enjoyed her company when she was here Christmas. She is quite different from when she lived at home. I guess you might say she has “matured”.

Janie has another baby now. This makes Number “4”. His name is Curtis Lamont Smith, and he is just as cute as he can be. She started working at the Post Office and they hope to be able to buy a home soon. Berta and Paul are doing fine and have a lovely home. Rosie is so big now I’m sure you wouldn’t recognize her. Naomi is staying here with Berta  for now but I think she really wants to move back to Indiana.

Celena  is doing well in school (except for her bad attitude) which is a true Flowers. She joined the softball team and is in the choir back. She still takes piano lessons and plays quite well.

When do you think you will be coming back this way? I know I will never get over there so send me some pictures. We hope to go to California this summer for vacation and spend some time with Judy.

I am enclosing some snapshots of me and Celena.

Love, Wanda



[Envelope for Rennie from Judy Flowers]



Hi, Rennie, Eileen, Bob –

Business first – Mother sent Eileen a $36.00 watch – camera, film and clothes – and she is worried that Eileen hasn’t gotten it yet so “please” write her and let her know that you received these items – or track them down. I sent you a letter by Frances Davis, Cynthia’s Mom.

Butchie, Mother, Wanda etc. received the green booklet A Feeling of Freedom. I called Mother and she told me she rec. the book; she didn’t recognize Eileen.


The slides of you, Bob, and Eileen were nice so I had them blown up and I am sending everyone a copy.

Don’t forget to write Butchie and let her know if you received the BIG box of clothes.

Butchie seems to be doing somewhat better now Melba is having problems with Arnie.

Jeff went off to college Friday, he said to tell everyone hello – he doesn’t like to write.

I took a lot of pictures so I will let you see them when I get there in Octo[ber].


Don’t forget Ida and I want to look together when we get there in Octo. I am still waiting for the sizes for Eileen. I got her some 7-8 cats and some cute sundresses, also tops,

By now she should need underclothes, shoes, etc.

I was glad to hear that Joyce, you and Eileen live together.

Here are a few pictures you can have.

Is Octo the rainy season? I want to make sure I am well-prepared when I arrive.


Whoever takes the picture tell them less scenery & more people and the same ones.

Tell the following hello Diane, Richard, Eugene, Ollie & baby, Ruby, Ida’s sister and kids, Beverly Guy& kids, Kay Nelson, John, Judy & Patty Houston, Valarie and Tim – Claudia, Karen Lendo, Eva Pugh, Wanda King, and Mary Griffith, Shirley, Maude, and Becky.

Alicia, Lula, Bertha, Ida and Leona said hello. Tell Alice Joyce is here and I have gotten applications for her for jobs


Tell Doris Lewis to tell you about our adventure getting her out of the USA.

We are getting down to the very few in SF.

Guy Young has his hair in an Afro – he is a sight to behold. Mona is anxious and ready to come. Tell Christine the Fuller keep her nice and clean hair well-kept.

Guy is really doing an excellent job considering all else. This ex-wife is giving him problems with his daughter, but he is hanging in there.


Leona is doing ok considering the stupid folks she has to work with.

Tell Diane Louie that Bertha & Ida have rings on all their fingers now. Ida is really too much at times – I told her I am 57 and she is 29 she is really fun to be around.

Well, this is longer than I thought so I will close for now take care of yourself Eileen of course and Bob.




[Envelope from Wanda Flowers to Rennie Kice]


Dear Sis;

I thought I should take this opportunity to at least acknowledge receipt of your two very nice letters.

Celena and L.G. said to tell you, Eileen, Bob, Barb, Becky and Barb’s husband hello. I have some pictures that I am enclosing and will send you more. We took some nice ones when we were all home for Jeff’s graduation and I told Melba or mother to send them to you.

Faith should be coming there in September, I certainly hope you and she can meet. I know you will like her and maybe she can show you some places you have not had a chance to see.

Celena is visiting in Indiana for 4 weeks with Melba and mother (which gives me a much-needed rest). Melba thinks she is very much like me (which could prove to be disastrous later in life – smiles). Terri is still heavy but cute. Brian has the cutest son, Jamaal Rasheen, who will be 1-year-old on Aug. 11, 1978. Melba has pictures of him I told her to send to you.

I talked to Carolyn all the time and she said to tell you hello. Drop her a line sometime (2305 N. 25th Street, Lafayette, IND. 47904). Her son and Celena are the same age (1 month apart). Ruthie is still the same. They live outside of Peru on a farm now. Her family is so large that this is the least inexpensive way of living for them (5 kids). They are both back in church now and seem to be doing very well.

Next week I start my vacation and will probably go to Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Some of L.G.’s friends invited us to go with them to a family reunion.

I would like very much to see some pictures of Guyana and where you live and work. It does sound very beautiful, but too far away.

Janie and Berta are doing fine. Janie has a new baby boy and is just as handsome as he can be (best looking one). I asked her whose baby was this (smiles).

Naomi is visiting Mike and Patty that she will be going to Hawaii to stay with Lois for a while.

Tell Barb her son called me a couple of weeks ago and we had the nicest conversation. He sounded so mature and grown-up. Says he is going to law school and enjoys his job. He also told him I reminded him of Lola Falana and that is why he called me (joke).

Lena calls me on a regular basis. Misses her mother very much and sounds


like they haven’t talked in quite some time. Barbara should write to her and at least let her know she and Becky are doing o.k.

How does Eileen like going to school there? Has her mouth quieted down any? She, Merri-Jo and Celena make a good threesome (smiles). Celena will be in 7th grade this school year. She is starting to get interested in boys somewhat, but it [is] only the talking on the telephone stage (thank goodness).

Your writing has improved 100% from when you were in High School and mine has gotten so poor that I resort to typing.

Thanks for keeping in touch and I will drop you a few lines again soon.


[Page of photocopies of four photographs]