Letter from Richard Parr to Joyce Parks


San Bruno, California
August 1, 1978

Dear Joyce Parks;

Your beautiful and informative letter enjoyed and appreciated by the Parrs (3).

The important missions of the Parr house, as directed by the Principle, Are recorded only in the Akashic record.

All material resources of the Parr family, present and future, are fully and previously allocated. I am not at liberty to change the sequence.

I suggest that you use the gifts, talents and techniques that you have displayed in your letter, in a letter to the Ford Foundation. That foundation gives away millions every year to worthy causes.

I have experienced an almost unsurmountable problem of getting money, needed materials and letters to Jonestown. This fact, in no way, encourages the Parr House to be helpful.

I seriously doubt that you will ever receive this letter. To this letter I have attached a two dollar bill (US), the number of which is L  08320877 A.

In the meantime, please write again. Only HE knows when the ember at the end of the tunnel will flicker and burst into flame.

Love and Best Wishes,


San Bruno, California

August 15, 1978

Dear Joyce Parks;

In addition to the money, needed materials and important letters, I have also sent hundreds of medical related items.

I have not received one single word of evidence that you have received just one of these items.


I am interested in knowing as to whether items have been received, their condition on arrival and as to their usability.

/s/ Bro Parr
Richard K. Parr

2560 Fleetwood Drive
San Bruno, California 94066