Letter from Scott Thomas to Christine Lucientes


To Christine L. [Lucientes],

Just received your beautiful postcard you sent me. The pictures on the postcard are becoming more beautiful every time. (Smile) I was glad to hear that you did receive the yellow flat plate. With all the hassle it went through just to get it to you there, it finally made it! I am glad it is being put to good use.

Well… Today for the first time since I know when – Poco was taken in the boys bathroom and given a bath. That’s right – a bath!!! Poco didn’t want to stay in the warm water. He kept on jumping out. After his bath, I had soap all over me. It seem like I was taking a bath and not Poco. Ha! Ha! Ha! Tomorrow I am going to buy him a flea collar. He sure in the hell needs one. Last week before your postcard came, Poco was taken to Pets Unlimited. He had his nails trim because they was too long. Also they took an x-ray of his right hind leg to see if anything was the matter. They took x-ray or they check it. Anyway – whatever they did to him, they didn’t find anything wrong. Poco is asleep now after his bath.

Today in service we was able to hear Father’s voice come over the radio. He told us so many positive news about the Promised Land. He also told of Brenda Cobb and her marching drill team group are going to appear in Jonestown (I think) because they really got their steps together. Before I close this letter – tell Sharon Amos that I said “Hi”. I have to go pick up Chuckie from Doggie Diner, so take good care of yourself, Christine, until I write you again.

Father’s love be with you.
Peace & Happiness
Scott Thomas, Jr.