Letter from Sandy Bradshaw to Lisa


[Editor’s note: While there is no date on this letter, its context puts it in late October 1978.]

Dear Lisa,

Hi, how are you doing? I’m not too good at writing letters – I guess that is quite obvious. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about you a lot. I always enjoyed talking with you. And you know me… I would usually rather sit alone the talk to someone, but you were always one of my favorite people.

You could fill me in on all the good folks that you had read, so I didn’t have to even read them! There are some good ones on the shelf waiting to be sent over, but there has not been a lot of room in bags to get them out. Mike Klingman picked out some good used pocketbooks, and I know they are needed there. It is difficult to get enough supplies out with people that go because their baggage allotment is limited by the airlines, and that is the only way we have of getting everything there, except for surface shipments, and they take a long time.

I am hoping to be able to get over there sometime in the near future, but there are a couple of things that I have to finish up here first. I am looking forward to seeing you again, and all the beauty of Jonestown. I have loved it since I first saw it several years ago. I was astonished from the first trip to the second, I know I will not be able to believe what I see this time. Pam [Bradshaw] has told me about some of the new additions and hanging plants and all. Tell her I said hello if you see her, I hear she is doing well. I am glad, after all her growing pains she finally got responsible.

The people that come back here that have visited are really very impressed. They just don’t believe that anything like that could be done. Lots of people have requested to go (not members) so we already have a waiting list of people to come by.

Mark Lane and Daniel Ellsberg talked here at church last Sunday. It was really good for our people to hear about the conspiracy and that finally things are going to be turned around a bit. And of course, people were so happy to see Marcie! Her coming back was a surprise, and they were thrilled. We still have a considerable crowd here in SF and 2 buses came up from LA for the occasion.

It seems funny to have Paula [Adams] here again. She’ll be around for a short time. Always glad to have her, tho I know that she would rather be elsewhere! And Terry Buford too. Guess Jean [Brown] will be coming back soon. I know she enjoyed herself, too bad she couldn’t have stayed longer. June [Crym]  hated to come back, but she is badly needed for our ‘legal dept.’ here. And Leona [Collier] and Frances [Davis] will be working on raising money for the people’s needs.

Well, there is not a lot of worth to mention that is going on here. Just trying to get supplies and keep the front together. Things are ok here and people are anxious to get over there. We really miss our leader, and everybody there.

Take care and I do hope to get in the neighborhood to see you soon.

Much love to you Lisa,

/s/Sandy [Bradshaw]

[Handwritten marginal note: “Marcie says to tell you hi & she’ll see you soon”]