Valentine’s Day card from Marceline to Jim Jones (1974)


Valentines Day 1974

Dearest Jim,

I wanted to send you a Valentine but searched in vain for one I could relate to. I thought of writing my deep sentimental feelings I have for you but decided that was selfish since you might feel it required some response from you. So, I decided the thing I most want you to know was:

  1. How much I appreciate what I’ve learned about life by knowing you.
  2. Even though I have a strong personal attachment to you, if some fate should separate us forever, I will learn what strength I have to defend the defenseless and oppressed.
  3. You have been my only lover and there shall never be another. I enjoyed our intimate times together and face the rest of my life, happily, just remembering those moments I loved you before you were ‘God’ and will always be sentimental about those years when I thought us lovers.
  4. My love for you, today, wishes for you peace, rest and the fulfillment of your dreams of a better world.

Happy Valentine’s Day