Memos from Paula Adams re: Phil Blakey

EE-4-AC – 4AH


July 16, 1976
To: Deborah Blakey
From: Paula

1. Phil’s immigration form members are: (1) FS-497; (2) DSP-70; (3) Optional form 230 (formerly FS-510 English)

2. Debbie, you are required to send a letter stating your job, salary, and financial status (This is supposed to be a photocopy of bank statement, any property, cash, or other assets). This can be sent directly to:

Ms. Debra Brassington
United States Embassy
Georgetown, Guyana

PS (1) [Send me a copy also]

(2) Be sure to note that it is in regard to Philip’s (George Philip Blakey) application to return.



Jean [Brown],

This is for [Eugene] Chaikin –

Philip’s immigration: I got the following information from the US Consulate here:

(1) Phil’s immigration status is null and void. He cannot reenter the US until he has applied for a new visa. This is his travel restrictions, nothing to do with immigration.

(2) For his immigration, Debbie will have to do the following.

A) Go to the immigration services and file an I-130 petition for a new immigration card for Philip, with his Guyana address. It will then be sent to the London office (he estimated it will take 6 weeks); and they will in turn notify Philip here and he will have to, from here, file a petition to transfer the file to Guyana. Philip will then have to go for an interview at the Guyana Consulate for the US.

(3) I told the man, a Mr. Ranneberger, that Phil had told his wife to file the immigration papers last year and didn’t find out until he asked her to do so again that she had neglected to do so last year. Mr. Ranneberger said that he should have gotten a “reentry permit” if he was going to be gone longer than 1 year. I told Mr. R. that Phil didn’t know he was going to be gone longer than a year. No excuse according to him. Mr. Ranneberger said that it is likely that Phil will have more trouble reapplying and that his wife should go down and talk to the immigration authorities and explain the circumstances. Mr. Ranneberger was most helpful and sympathetic.

(4) Anything else I can do from this end, let me know.

Miss you, and especially your assistance, Paula

A) Phil left U.S. Mar 18, 1974
B) Phil Internet US July 3 or 30 (year is smeared, can’t read beyond 3)
C) Immigration card says entry date was June 29, 1972 at SFR



Phil’s Alien #


Imm Dept



(2) Philip must have for his immigration:

A) a police report from every place he’s been since he turned 16 years of age. That means from England, Ukiah, and here. It is for every location he has spent more than 6 months at. Could you get the one from Ukiah. Wire his England police department, and I’ll get them from here. Ask Debbie where in England.

B) Certified copy of marriage license.

C) Certification that Philip will be gainfully employed, what his position will be, and what his salary will be in the US. You can make this up and send it.

All of these things must be submitted “before” it will be processed. Philip, after getting approval, must return to the US within 4 months of granting of said approval. He will have to apply for permission to leave the country if he plans to be gone for more than a specified length of time (I think it is one month).





Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Police Rept.

Gainful employment

?- Wire North Umberland Police