Notes from Debby Jensen


Dear Mr. Lane,

Your visit to Jonestown was certainly something that people here are still talking about. In fact my 4-year-old son & his friends play a game called Mark Lane & Don Freed. One of them will pretend he is you & another is Don Freed & the others are servers & they serve dinner to the guests. It’s really cute. Words could not express how much your visit meant. We all feel such a warmth towards your kindness & sensitivity. Friends like you are few & far between & Jonestown is an even better place because of your visit. We feel good to know we have a friend in you who is willing to help crack the conspiracy facing us. I was especially anxious for your visit, Mr. Lane, because you were a great influence on my life. I first heard about you when I was in high school. Two friends of mine had been to see you speak in Berkeley, on the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. I was intrigued with what they said & found myself believing what you had spoken about. I feel that that was when I started becoming politicized & realizing that America had lied to me. You have inspired many, and I’m glad that I am one of the many. I teach in the Jonestown community school, and can verify that our children were inspired by your visit. I have an even greater interest in learning more about conspiracies. Thank you again, Mr. Lane. Please come again soon.

Sincerely yours, Debby F. Jensen


[Additional note written in margin]

Greetings to Col. Moammar Qaddafi from Jonestown, Guyana

Libya is a county [country] we have certainly been studying here in Jonestown. We are deeply impressed with the great progress & development being made & putting Libya on the glorious road to Socialism. You are an outstanding leader in the 3rd World and an inspiration to Jonestown. We are a cooperative agricultural community here in the beautiful jungle of So. America. We left the US so that we could develop our socialist community and this we have done. Our senior citizens lead happy productive lives. Our children are growing in an interracial socialistic environment they would never have gotten in the US. We have excellent free medical care. Most of us couldn’t afford to go to the doctor back in the US. We have a sawmill, a soap factory, brick factory, sewing factory, machine shop, a beautiful baby nursery with round-the-clock nursery care. Our Jonestown community school offers a rich curriculum of practical & academic skills.


Dear Mohammed Ali –

I’m writing you from Jonestown Guyana in the beautiful lush green jungle of So. America. I came here over a year ago so my 4-yr-old son could grow up in an interracial environment without the tenseness & competitiveness we felt in the US. You would enjoy a visit to Jonestown. Your comments about world peace have inspired us & we feel you would appreciate a community such as Jonestown. Our community is made up of seniors who are living happy & productive lives. Our children play under pollution free skies & enjoy all kinds of sports activities and attend a school rich in practical as well as academic skills. They would be thrilled with a visit from you. You would be impressed with our [how] many of our young people who were lost in the US, into drugs & crime, but now are helping to build this fantastic community. I’m one of our Jonestown schoolteachers & I am overwhelmed at what our children are achieving. We would be honored to have you visit. It’s an experience that would really touch your heart. We certainly hope to see you soon.

Yours truly,

Debby F. Jensen


Dear Dick Gregory,

My first introduction to you came when I was back in high school & I read your book Nigger. Needless to say, I was impressed & have followed up on your work ever since then. Just over a year ago, my 4 year old son & I moved here to Jonestown in the beautiful jungle of Guyana, So. America. We wanted to live in a pollution free, interracial environment, without the tenseness & competitiveness we felt in the US. This would be an unforgettable experience for you Mr. Gregory to visit Jonestown. The beauty is overwhelming. The skies are blue with clouds like you’ve never seen before. The deep lush green vegetation is fantastic. The sunrises & sunsets are filled with colors I never saw in the US and at night I never knew there were so many stars. The people of Jonestown are hard-working, peace-loving, friendly folks that are anxiously awaiting your visit. It’s a trip you will never forget.

Sincerely yours,

Debby F. Jensen