Notes from Rita Tupper to Jim Jones


to: Jim
FR: Rita Lenin [Tupper]


Lovie Depina – Another letter from her daughter to Jim: asking if she can come and visit her parents. She also wants to bring Lena Hector, Melanie Simons’ mother with her for a visit. “Says, my husband does not want me to go unless I have verification that I can see my parents.” I miss them very much and I am willing to sacrifice quite a bit to visit them. But only if it’s allowable. They are very happy there and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize them in any way.” I have been asking in my letters for months (many) if I could come but that question never gets answered (Mrs. Depina did write and put her off) that is why I am asking you.” “I am sure you are aware of all the controversy here concerning you.” Dissenters opinions don’t concern me are opinionated me in any way, but I will like to know whether or not their “actions” make it impossible for someone (namely me) to see my parents. If it is not possible I shall just try to make myself satisfied with mail which comes few and far between (strange as Mrs. Depina writes all the time.) Says she has only received 4 letters this year (She is not getting all her mail as Lovie writes a lot.)

Phillip Blakey – Got a nice letter from his grandmother, but she does ask about Debbie, and the letter is written to them both. She asked if Debbie is coming to live with him etc. Did not know if this would bother Philip or not?? Shall he get the letter????? (Otherwise a real nice letter.)

G. [Gloria] Rodriguez – Writes a sister Wright (Leomy Wright, I guess) asks her to give Auroa [Aurora] a message (if they give you this letter, tell her he has to wait for papers and retirement before he can come.) He loves etc. wants her to write (she has), (did not give letter)

Auroa Rodriguez – Mr. Rodriguez has written many many letters to Auroa. He says he will pay her fare both ways if she will come back and help them fill out his retirement papers, as language is a barrier for him. He will then return with her. (Did not get these letters to her.)

to: Jim
FR: Rita Lenin [Tupper]


Eloise Sneed – Letter from son, Willie Sneed – Tells her how upset he was cause she was not there to be with him when he was in the hospital. Said he saw no reason why she could not have been there, manipulative letter. (Did not give letter)

Willie Malone – Letter from his sister Tanya Malone, saying she is in jail again, but is doing ok. Wants to come over here, says she is tired of US.

Lisa Layton – Letter from daughter, Annalisa Valentine (from Davis, Calif.)

Letter telling how all the family are the kids etc. She says that Debbie is doing just fine and has an apartment in the Bay Area, and a job. Since her husband, Ray was in Guyana and about 35 minutes from Jonestown by air. Said he traveled all over by plane, helicopter, and Jeep. Was here a week. Said a fellow he was with ripped off of about $300.00 by a security guard at the airport when they were leaving. By the time they had the fellow apprehended he had handed the money to a runner, and it was long gone.”

DeOna Ajax phoned Dad and said Denny had contacted you and help her and Joe talk to you. She said she couldn’t help feeling very nostalgic after the conversation.

Says Debbie will be up at Tahoe with them for a weekend and is hoping we will rig up the boat for waterskiing by then. Says “Take care Mom and write as often as you can, I do miss you.” (Did not give the letter, should I????)

Pat Grunnet – Another letter from her Mom, wants to know if the story about the lady in Guyana who was asked to come to do an investigation on you, if this is true. (By their govt.) And she was so threatened she had to have bodyguards and flee for her life. She wrote in the Times, fact or fiction?” “She says “I keep reading the Times about Tim [Stoen] now out and filing suit against you.” I get so upset and nervous about all that, I am always given all the details so must be on somebody’s list. “Will believe you.” She says she plans to take a vacation in Oregon in Oct and go where it is cool, no kids, no phones, no hassles. “If I hold out that long.” (Did not give the letter, should I???)

Originally posted on June 2nd, 2022.

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