Business letter from Richard Parr to Patty Cartmell


San Bruno, California
October 30, 1978
Dear Patty Cartmell;

I purchased from you today and inexpensive ICE CRUSHER which you said you needed so much. In his hand operated and cost $14.85.

I will continue to search for a better model. I can’t remember now as to whether you wanted an electric model or not. Polla just told me that there are models which operate by hand or electricity.

I do not know of a satisfactory way to get it to you at this time since I have been stopped from making DIRECT DONATIONS to Jonestown.

I suggest that you get this letter to Dad.

Patty please acknowledge receipt of this letter or I continue to send you copies.

I have begun to check the local dept stores for real bargains which you can use.

/s/ Richard K. Parr
Richard K. Parr
2560 Fleetwood Drive
San Bruno, California 94044