Irra Johnson Notes from news, Jonestown meeting


Teachers: Laura Johnston & Naomi Johnson, Irra Johnson

June 26th

1. Ron Dellums, Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm

2. Class struggle – originated when there were slaves & slaveowners. Then there were lords and serfs, tradesmen & merchants. The tradesmen & merchants & serfs came into power making the serfs the proletariat. The tradesmen & merchants became bourgeoisie & professionals the petty bourgeoisie

3. [Mohammed] Ali visited USSR, he stated that it had best provisions made for the people he had seen.

4. Cuba (Castro) – S [Socialist]; Chile (Pinochet) – F [Fascist]; USSR (Brezhnev) – Communist; Saudi Arabia – Fascist; Iran (Shah of Iran) – F; German Democratic Republic – Socialist; Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (Kim Il Sung) – S; England – S D [Social democracy]; Angola – S; Vietnam – Soc.; Yugoslavia – Soc.; Sweden – SD; Brazil – F; Argentina – S; Guyana (Burnham) – S; US (Carter) – F.

5. John Stockwell was officer in the CA for 12 yrs. He wrote a book “In Search Of Enemies” revealing the atrocities committed by the US in Angola, after his defection from the organization. At present his life has been threatened.

6. Bourgeoisie – the rich class according to capitalist standards. It differs from petty bourgeoisie because petty bourgeoisie refers to middle class.

7. Dogmatism – refers to someone who is completely sold on certain idea or principle, practices it continually and does not have an open mind to other theories.

8. WEB Dubois – blk Marxist-Leninist writer, founder of NAACP, fought for rights of Blk people. Had an idea in regards to Africa & its relation to the world that Lenin based some of his writing on. Was a very significant point. He denounced [renounced] his American citizenship and fled to Ghana where he died at 95.

9. Tonight Dad said that he knew without any doubt that he was not loved by anyone because the last traitor that went out, Debby [Blakey] had been given the best, she’d had opportunity to work closely in the organization as a staff person but she still stepped on it all and became a traitor.

Gloria [Rodriguez] – Do you want to work a couple hrs in the morning to feed the children from 41 & 57. I’ll need you to take care of the food. Irra