Note from Frank Brown to Guyanese minister

EE4 – AS

Mr. Hamilton Green
Director of Health Services
Republic of Guyana

Dear Mr. Green;

As you are no doubt aware, the project of Peoples Temple was visited recently by two distinguished investigative reports [reporters] from the United States, Don Freed and Mark Lane.
They have apparently done some of the work in uncovering a conspiracy aimed at undermining the outstanding work of Peoples Temple. I’m glad to see this expose come to light. Guyana has won my admiration. Very few nations, in my opinion, would have the courage to stand with a group that has been the brunt of such vicious attacks.

The health care provided at the project for the members and Guyanese people reflects the great concern for the well-being of all people by the group’s leader, Jim Jones.

Praise to the nation of Guyana!

Best Regards,
Frank V. Brown