Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, Jan 16, 1978





-said about the right of us to get info on this case (when he releases to us the info), that it is the right of Any American Citizen to get any info in his file unless you could prove it was sensitive intelligence info (I said I certainly hope [words crossed out: “it was”] we would not be considered sensitive intelligence info and he said no)

-he said he talked to the Ambassador of US ([John] Burke) about his impressions of Jonestown and said that no-one is held against their will. He has talked also to Govt. officials like Normal [Norman] Adams and the consulate is now convinced that no-one is being held against their will.

-however, McCoy feels that no doubt people are influenced to come to Jonestown ( we said that it doesn’t take much to influence people to leave the Ghetto where they could barely survive and can’t pay rents and their children don’t get proper schooling) he didn’t argue that too much altho he did. say. that Guyana is considered a “hardship post-” for him as he could live much better in the US

-he went into a discussion of schools and why he sends his son to military academy tho some of his friends say he’s making little fascists of them, he said he’s sent them to Christian schools also as their [there] is a new trend in Christian schools to use physical punishment and go back to the old phonetic type reading teaching


-feels we d