Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, Jan 19, 1978


Dick McCoy 19/1/78

-he said there is no case, he discussed the situation with Tim Stoen and Tim is leaving tomorrow

-Tim admitted he did what we said he did at the airport, that he jabbed (verbally) at our members, and that he has no reason to make a complaint against us

-Tim will come back for the next hearing but said he had to go back and make some money as he is running out of money

-the Commissioner told Dick that Tim made a report but there is no way to substantiate what Tim claimed our people did, they just entered Tim’s complaint in the book, Tim Swinney’s name was mentioned

-Tim can’t substantiate that his life was threatened so the Commissioner wouldn’t investigate it, he told Tim if he wanted, he could take it up with his local attorney

P-1-C-1b: Copy of article about Jim Jones claiming to have been shot at twice in Jonestown


Dick McCoy telephone call 19/1/78

-has warned Tim Stoen not to do anything but abide by the court decision, he was warned there is a penalty if he does not (like kidnapping the child)

-first when mentioned about the article about Tim Stoen in Berlin. he said people had free speech but when mentioned that he could disrupt relations between Guyana and US and do it just to exploit it for his own career and headlines, he said “Well he is working to try to discredit your organization”

-interestingly enough Dick McCoy, [Guyana Minister of Home Affairs Vibert] Mingo and [Guyana Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred] Wills all made reference to these type of words “discredit your organization”, don’t know if they talked together or just all came out with the same conclusions

-Dick wanted to know what kind of article we were expecting to have in the paper of the Working People’s Vangard, I thought he meant about the prior article and said well it just shows you because [words crossed out: “they are radical”] of the way they think/he said they were radical/ I agreed and said that’s why they wrote against us/ he said he was wondering, and curious about what they would say

-since the next article is supposed to be positive or objective of us to present the other side as we protested, it might be a good idea to explain to Dick that the 2nd article was only as a result of the protest we made (hope the article won’t be too radical for McCoy and others)


/s/Jean F. Brown
Jean F. Brown
Administrative Assistant