Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, April 13, 1978


Sharon Amos

(Mike [Prokes], Sharon, Debbie [Touchette])

-regarding the message we gave him about channel 7 (not a horrible coverage) but that [Steven] Katsaris had lied about stating that Maria [Katsaris] had always to be accompanied by two people [Laurence “Bonny”] Mann and McCoy and we wanted him to correct it with channel 7

-he said that it was Mann who had arranged the whole thing with Katsaris and it was Maria’s dad who asked that Dick McCoy be present / he said “you have to talk to the Guyanese about this”

-he said he couldnt understand why Maria had wanted Eddie [Edward] Luckhoo present in the first place/ he did understand why she wanted a woman present because of what she had gone thru with her dad, but couldn’t understand why she had wanted Eddie Luckhoo when she had Mann and Dick McCoy present

-Mann had also asked that Dick McCoy be present (as well as Maria’s dad asking it)

-said if we wanted a correction someone in California should ask that it be clarified

-McCoy has to go to the State Dept and say we brought this to his attention, if channel 7 comes to the state dept “we’ll clarify it” – Dick said he’s not allowed to say anything without the Ambassador clearing it

-the person in Calif should demand they clarify the statement because Dick agreed that It was inaccurate to say that Maria couldn’t travel around alone without some of us because he did travel alone with her and she did come in alone to see him on a couple of occasions and he is willing to clarify that part of it

-he said he’d even do a written statement if they demanded it and the Channel requested it (he and Mike had a disagreement about what things on TV should be clarified, he said that if someone was discussing something on TV, it wouldn’t necessarily have a retraction or clarification, but just the person should have a chance to reply, Prokes felt that the station was responsible)


-Dick received a letter from the staff assistant of John Burton/ Rozynko’s father [Vitale Rozynko]  wants to meet with the two boys/ Dick wrote back to the father and said “fine, but we can’t force the boys legally or officially to do it” (Dick said he would prefer for the meeting to take place tho as it would cause less ramifications – with a dissatisfied parent etc.)

-he said that (when asked) that the staff Assistant didn’t express his own opinion except to ask if Dick could assist in this and said it would be reassuring to the father if he could see his sons

-he showed me the letter from the staff assiwtant (for a brief moment and took it back) but wouldn’t show the letter from Rozynko/ I asked to see it and it was attached to the other letter/ he said he’d show it to one of the sons if they came and talked to him. Or the sons could write their father at [text crossed out] 1537 Kennewick Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94087 and tell him that they learned of his interest in seeing them thru the American Counsel and they want to know more about it

-when I mentioned that one of our members had said they’d rather die than be hounded he said he understood it being demoralizing ([text crossed out] I mentioned about Patrick Henry’s statement “Give me liberty or give me death.”

P-1-D-2a: duplicate of P-1-D



APRIL 13, 1978

-We talked to him about the misinformation that was given by Maria’s dad, we asked him to clarify that Maria had visited his office on bussiness alone on occassion ect. Mc Coy said I’m sorry Debbie, but Maria gave me the impression she did not want to meet alone with her dad. Deb-told him Maria’s father is saying she can never be alone. Dick agreed that he would contact the state dept in Wash.

-If channel seven ask for clarification only then would he speak on channel seven and he would have to get clarification from the state dept. for that. he said we should get our people to demand they clarify that statement with the Embassy here.

-If they want to confirm that Maria doesn’t travel alone, they should contact us, check out the facts. Although I will say this, if its a talk show on T. V. and Maria’s father is asked his feelings, then they’re not liable for what is said. Mike Prokes said, “Dick, you’re forgetting my feild is telivision. and they are responsible

-Dick said Congressman John Burton had been written by the Rozynko boy’s father, he wants to meet the boys in calif. Mc. Coy said o.k., but legaly there is no way we can make them. said he always prefered families to meet, but it’s up to them.

-Sharon took the letter off the desk tolook at it and Dick grabbed it back, If we want the sons to see the letter, they will have to meet with him, Dick would show letter to sons

-He asked we tell sons to write their father:

1537 Kennewick Drive
Sunnyvail [Sunnyvale] Calif.

-Dick mentioned a couple of times he didn’t understand why Maria had asked Ted Luckhoo to come to the meeting with her own father, said this had really upset the father and frankly he was very supprised. Said he could understand if she had wanted to have girls there, as someone to understand like his wife, when she has a problem, she’ll see Dr. Sarjoon (woman doctor), someone you could share your problem and they would understand it better, but Ted Luckhoo, and man, a man, he couldn°t understand.

-Mike pointed out, Maria had asked Carolyn [Layton] for that reason & Sharon said as an American citizen, didn’t she have that right after what her father had done to her.

-Mc Coy said, well if her father did what you say, and I realize these things happen, but she was represented, I was there, Bunnie [Bonnie] Mann was there, …