Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, April 23, 1978


Sharon Amos

Dick McCoy
(Sharon, Mike P [Prokes], Debbie [Touchette])

-he needs Lela Murphy’s passport so he can [text crossed out] cancell it out

-he was talking of mercenaries with us/ he said we should read the “DOgs of War” and Mentioned Day of the Jackal — said that if a person recruits mercenaries it is a federal crime and they are now jailing Cuban exiles (???) because of this

-said that Dogs of War talks about the verthrow of Burma (my notes got rained on because the window was open so these notes aren’t quite clear???) and said the mercenaries were arrested

-I asked [text crossed out: “if that”] it it would be conspiracy for these people to get together and plan to hire mercenaries/ he said conspiracy is the hardest thing to prove, but said that it would take FBI and attorneys to prove if it could be done in a court of law unless it was in writing/ I mentioned that several had singed something – he said if it related to hiring mercenaries that could be used to prove conspiracy

– he said that he is worried about the effect of mercenaries on Guyana (as we stressed how bad it would be) and he said that it could create problems even on the Surinamese border as it is already a “hot” situation there. He said that Surinamese are in the right but he can understand Guyanese reaction because when they fish, in retaliation Surinamese come with extensive motor boats and surround the Guyanese boats and take them in, the Guyanese often swims away but the boats are lost. He said that the Surinamese have rights to the water tho in the first place and Guyana shouldn’t have started a problem there in the 1st place.

-he told us to consult with Guyanese authorities on the mercenaries situation and we said we had reported the whole thing. He took a copy of the article mentioning mercenaries and said he wanted to send it to the State Dept.


-he said that USSR wants their fishing ships to fish off Guyana coast but they are indiscriminate fisherman and with their equipment, they would wipe out all the fish as they have done before in countries

-he said they had announced there would be a loan from USSR to Guyana but the amount wasn’t announced and the rate of 4% is more than the US would charge

-he said that US loans to Guyana are for special projects only/ INter American Devt. Bank helped Guyana on a rice project

-US loan to the East Coast Rd, Airport Timari [Timehri] was US project, Linden Highway

-they can’t give money directly to help in the import situation or in the balance of payments because they are accused in being involved in the internal situation of Guyana


-he said the PM [Prime Minister Forbes Burnham] says no in terms of it but he may not have a choice (because of people’s consumer demands)

-he said that he has talked to the USSR officers at great length and they are not anxious to help Guyana

-he said that he knows Guyana is against devaluation because in the end it costs them more to purchase things

-he said Guyana won’t allow foreign investment tho this country would be good for foreign investment/ Guyana was supposed to come out with a code (Private Investment Code) but they haven’t. He used the words there is a “climate” for foreign investment here

-he said even USSR has US investments, Pepsi Cola, Fiat, Chase Manhattan office in the USSR and when Rockerfeller [Rockefeller]comes there, he said, they roll out the carpet for him

-he said he understands there is some chickanerie [chicanery] among the multinationals/ agreed that the oil shortage was artificial to raise prices/ said that US was stockpiling oil for future use



-said US gets oil not only from Saudia Arabia and Iran but from Nigeria and VEnezuela as well (sounds just like the book I just read, “Crash of 79”)

-said the multinationals are completely independent of US govt policy because that is how business is, it doesn’t deal in moral codes / said that Shell Oil even helps support the regime of Angola along with the USSR merely for business purposes

-agrees that US sells arms to both sides of a war conflice, Arab Israeli

-but says he invests in one of the corporations he disagrees in, because there policies are unscrupulous, but just because of this they make money so he invests in them

Re following of Cheddi Jagan (he called him Cheddi)

-he said I wou’ldn’t follow Cheddi to the toilet

-said Cheddi is disorganized and lost his position with the govt. at one time, and wasn’t able to organize the takeover in the past so he couldn’t do it now

-re other kind of take over, extreme right wing or extreme radical, he said “who’d want to take it over” –  he said nobody is that organized that they could or would want to take it over. No individual or groups of people have it that organized to do it. He said that the army  is black and would follow the PM and so that makes It unlikely.

Re mercenaries again

-he said that it would be very bad for the Embassy for mercenaries to come, he said if they came in and tried to get into Jonestown and someone got shot, “where would that leave the Embassy”

-he said that he sent our booklet (Model Community Jonestown) to Washington

-he said that if Steve Katsaris contacted him, he would tell him that Maria came to see him by herself and would said that he doesn’t believe that people are being held against their will

-he said that in the Griffeth [Griffith] case, he got a crazy telegram and he said a woman claimed to be Dana’s [Dana Truss] mother but he had no way of knowing if she was really Dana’s mother and he said he talked to Mary Griffeth and he said “I know that woman wasn’t lying” (he said that with conviction). He said he talked to her. He said that when he has been asked he says “there is no way to take someone by force, this is a sovereign nation” – he said “I won’t even carry a summons” into Jonestown

-he said that it is an austire life in Jonestown [Text crossed out: “the people appear to be happy”]

-he said that there is a problem, not just with Jonestown, but he found it true it [in] Israel and other countries where he worked. He said that at first the parents are happy that their youth are with PT because they are not on drugs and he said then later they may not here from them. He says his son never writes him and he knows how it feels. He said that then they read all the press reports about slave camps etc and they get all upset.

-he said it would help if parents can visit the child because often the child will say they don’t want to see the parent and then often there is a problem (we explained about Mrs. Davis visiting now and the Moores [John and Barbara Moore] etc.)

-he said that they could say it was force or brain control, that it isn’t but that could be the worry of some who hear the [text crossed out] news articles

-he said that people who have had problems seeing their children can make these charges like\0livers and Katsaris


-he claimed that it was Maria’s dad who called him not he that called Maria’s dad/ he said that he admits he was disturbed by the meeting but claimed he was also disturbed for Maria, because of what her father


Dick Mccoy
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had done to her

-he said that he talks to anyone, that’shis policy

-he said he has discussed a lot of things with us and he keeps those things confidential from the other side and he has to keep things confidential f with them too but claims he didn’t call Maria’s father

-he said that he was disturbed Maria brought a lawyer

(we said, well now you see why Maria brought a lawyer, this mercenary thing, you can see the kind of irresponsible thing that some of these parents are willing to do, tho most of the parents get along fine with PT etc etc)

-he said that he has to protect US citizens regardless, even [Tim] Stoen right or wrong, he had to stop Stoen from being thrown out as he hadn’t broken Guyanese law

-he said that Guyana has some impressive people/ that a 4 men team from the US (doctors) came to check the electricity situation and to look into disease control and they were very impressed with some of the Guyanese, they felt they were bright and knowledgable

-we mentioned the Dr. coming in to visit Dr. Thane and all his qualifications

-regarding Naciamento [Guyana government Minister Christopher “Kit” Nascimento], he said the reason that Naciamento went to NY was because his wife was very ill (Wills had told us about his wife being very ill and he wanting to go to the US), / he said Nciamento is a very good man, every efficient, and that’s why the PM trusted him with some high level jobs, to do with development in certain areas like projects (such as some project he mentioned to do with roads or something like that)

-he said it is temporary that Naciamento is out of the country