Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, May 1978


Amreican [American] Embassy

Dick McCoy
Deborah Touchette
appt w/ Sharon Amos
Mike Prokes
Deborah Touchette

-If a person is recruiting merceneries [mercenaries] it’s against the law, that’s how they’ve arrested Cuban: exicles [exiles].

-He said conspiracy is one of the hardest things to prove ina court of law

-He mentioned the case regarding the Border incident, said the Surinamese were in the right.

-He mentioned that the U.S. had aided in building the Linden Hwy. and the East Coast road, Sherrif St. and Timehri Airport,

-said [Guyana Foreign Minister Fred] Wills had thought up some plan before he was thrown out.

-Dick said the Guy. Govt. has borrowed from the IMF [International Monetary Fund]] before.

-He mentioned that there was no foreign investment in Guyana now but that theywere to come out with a private investment code

-He said that even Russia had american companies

-Said they gave Rockerfeller [David Rockefeller] the Red Carpet treatment when he came to Russia

-Said Chase Manhattan Bank and Pepsi Cola was also in Russia

-He said, in so many words that it didn’t really matter what type of Govt. as long as there was private interprise, or the U.S. could invest in the country relations would be better

-Said the U.S. had putbalot of funds in this area with no returns

-(ref. to Jonestown) parents think people are being held against there [their] will. He said Jeff Hass [Haas] didn’t understand why Dick didn’t act on his behalf

-Dick mentioned we did live an austire [austere] life in Jonestown

-He said Dan Webble [Weber] was comming to visit Jonestown [“along with” crossed out]

-(in ref. to the unrest in Guyana now) Sharon asked him if he thought Cheddi’s [Jagan] membership was growing?

-He said he didn’t think it was any less or growing, siad Cheddi didn’t have chrisma [charisma]

-He said he wouldn’t follow Cheddi to the toilet

-He siad Guynese won’t fight

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