Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy May 6, 1978


Sharon Amos

McCoy 5/78 Sharon, Debbie B [Debbie Blakey], Terri Jones
(around 6/5/78)

-regarding the arrest order, he said he didn’t see why there would be a problem for JJ as he is out of it/ Joyce is the legal guardian here/the document left John [Victor Stoen] in her custody

-when they rule about it, the judge will rule whether the child will be brought to court and turned over the [to] the parents or Joyce [Touchette] will get the child, or there will be a decision on the arrest order

-regarding JJ coming to Georgetown (he suggested it might be safer if there was some plan [Tim) Stoen has to get him (through the Research Association) (we didn’t give the name Eureka) – I said that he couldn’t come to Georgetown because of the arrest order and he said in terms of that they could arrest JJ in Jonestown just as much as in Georgetown

-anyway, he said, it is not a criminal charge, only for him to appear in court, not criminal like robbery etc.

-I said we’d rather die than have him arrested (Debbie B. objected to my statement, she said it should only be used when the whole project was threatened. I said this statement that JJ might have to be arrested would threaten the whole project (McCoy was reading something when we said this) – she said that McCoy wasn’t giving his opinions but just stating facts that might happen

-he said that California Court orders are not enforceable here (Terri J asked him about this) tho they can be admitted as evidence

-he said that a 2nd order for arrest is pending now, with the judge on contempt (that’s one of the things the judge is considering)

-if JJ deliberately avoids service, he would be obstructing justice/ Dick feels he ought to appear in court to state his side of the case but I asked if Joyce is the one now considered the legal guardian why would JJ have to come at all and he didn’t know

-the attorney said it was a dead issue about the arrest ([Lionel] Luckhoo and even Stoen’s attorney [Jeffrey Haas])

-he said that no matter what happens, the case is appealable, sometimes they pick up the child before the appeal, sometimes they don’t (I asked about that)

-in Guyana normally the parents get the child/ I told him about how grevious this would be for John, the suicide etc., his being used as a pawn, he said he agrees it would be bad for John to be shuttled around (especially before the appeal is settled)

-he is not sure the judge is aware of the suicide tendencies of John when he is with Grace/ he got the impression Lionel didn’t get it across/ one hearing the Judge said you have until Tuesdays to get further arguments in/ at that time there was only the presentation of the California ruling etc. not much for the  case of JJ/ Dick doesn’t know but doesn’t think Lionel got the arguments in

-Dick McCoy said that Tim Stoen stated in his mailagram that JJ’s political influence on this country was what affectgd this case/ he realizes this isn’t true and he said he feels there is an independent judiciary tho all people have certain pressures

-this judge is known as a maverick judge, hard nosed independent judge (by the way an addition to the paper on Fabian, the PR man for GDF and Peoples Militia and Infor Ministry) – he told us that you are required to attend church every week in the military)