Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, May 7, 1978


Sharon Amos

Dick McCoy 7/5/78 (Terri J [Jones], [name crossed out: Debbie T [Touchette]], Debbie B [Blakey], Sharon)

-regarding Lela Murphy’s passport they cancelled it today

-told him about the research company (Milly slipped and mentioned the name, but I don’t know that he picked up on it as he was reading some other paper at the time)

-told him that we were told by a high official that they may come [crossed out] for JJ not Wanda as Wanda is already being used as a pawn to get JJ to go to the US

-he said that courts will almost always rule in favor of the national even if not a citizen except once in Hungary andpossibly once in Yugoslavia but he didn’t stay around to find out how the case came out in Yugoslavia

-our lawyere at one time [crossed out] questioned the right of [Jeffrey] Hass [Haas] to represent Grace [Stoen] because Haas went into Jonestown with the court marshall but the judge ruled it was legal

-in the rule to enjoin Joyce to the case, our lawyer wanted it/ the opposition felt it was diffusing the issue/ the judge said it wasn’t diffusing it because she had a legal paper (Joyce did)

-the longer the case goes on the more it become a cloudy issue/ he hasn’t heard a word

-he said that the judge was a member of the PM’s law firm at one time

-he said this kind of case where there is so much contention is not even a cut and dry case even in the US (they often have to do an investigation of the chid’s situation)

-we asked if that was being done (an investigation) Terri said would that be done in the US (to get background) – he said possibly but he hasn’t been told and he thinks he would be told about it

-McCoy said that in terms of his objectivity in the case, he has even resisted the State Dept. from hurrying the decision up because people would say they influenced the case either way it came out (one side or the other would say that)

-regarding his replacement, his replacement and he will overlap so we have a chance to get to know him before McCoy leaves

-his new job, McCoy’s, will be to replace Tuminia [Frank Tumminia] (this is a horizontal move, not upward) I said “well you will be still working on our case” but he said “No I’ll be out of the firing line in this job” – the only thing he’ll have to decide is how to respond to [Tim] Stoen and the Congressmen in terms of their questions

-he said that there has been a lot of pressure in this case but it hadn’t done any good/ this judge is a first class professional, no-one will move him

-the longer the case takes, the more favorable to us/ in the beginning, the Stoens had a strong arguement, the birth certificate they had of John/ he said forgetting Tim’s transvestitism (which I had mentioned because of the tragedy of John being put with such a person), he said that they had a strong case at first/ also they left the child only 8 mos. without one or the other of them as it was Feb or March 1977 when Tim left and this doesn’t show parental neglect

-I asked what would have changed the judge’s mind lately (if it was changed) and he said he doesn’t know unless it was the govt.

-Terry J. said how she felt about it, with John being Lew’s brother and the tragedy it would be as John is so happy here etc

-I asked if something should be done to get stronger arguements in or whether someone should talk to Lionel [Luckhoo]/ he said “No We don’t have to explain to Lionel, he knows what he’s doing.”

-I asked what he could do (if he thought the case was unbalanced in the arguments being stronger for Stoans) he said if the people on the other side were Guyanese, he could have gone further but said that’s why he asked Lionel if the argumentnts were given



-he said not only to Lionel but to others in the church at the time, his concern about someone going to court (Joyce or JJ) to make these arguments

-someone told Eddie [Edward] Luckhoo about JJ being the real father but Eddie said “that won’t sell” (that argument has no weight)

-when we stressed the great tragedy for John, he said “I have no reason to doubt what you tell me”

(by the way the Russians reported that they saw a man following them when we went to pick them up at the airport and drove home wih them/ Debbie Blakey said she recognized the man downtown that was following the Russians, I went up to him and said he looked familiar to me (friendly, and he said his name Was John Mirez and he worked at Geddes Grant/ he looked Portuguese rather than black or East Indian, was a rather large man)