Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, May 10, 1978


Appt. with Dick McCoy
Friday May 10,
Terry [Jones] and Debbie [Blakey].

When I got there Debbie was waiting for me inside the Embassy, she had supposedly been doing Carolyn’s [likely Layton] tax clearance. We went in and I gave him the bottle of whiskey and he declined saying he did[“nt” handwritten in] nt drink because of stomach problems, I said we’ll make you something he said no, no need to, I said “Well we appreciate you staying neutral in these times. He said “I’m only doing my job, there have been times in the past when you haven’t liked what I did and there will be times in the future I’m sure. We then took care of Lisa’s [Layton] divorce papers and picked up Sandys passport. Then I started talking about the mercenary situation trying to get him to talk about what he said before about the guns, his whole attitude was differnt he was cooler he approached the whole thing differntly by quoting alot of rules and regulations he said we would have to depend on the protectionof the police in Matthews Ridge or get on the radio and call for help. We continued like this fro a bit and he wasn’t even getting warm to the subject of us protection ourselves so I said well Dick you know what, I’ve been thinking about what you said and he said very quickly “I know what your speaking of forget about it, I only said it in jest because I didn’t take the situation seriously forget about it you can’t do that. At that point I jest eased out of it and talked of something general like the fact he will be able to see his kids and the muddy road in Jonestown. He looked at my purse several times. When we got out of there I told Debbie it seemed like he knew exactly why I went in there, she said it was obvious that he did because of how he responded to you. I asked here why didn’t you say anything she shrugged her shoulders and said I didn’t have anything to say. It kept bugging me because he was so totally differnt I felt like I must be really unpolished and I totally blew it. Now I’m sure, or I think it is a very good likelyhood that Debbie told him what I was coming in there for since she had spent the whole day there getting her passport.