Undated 1978 Temple meeting with
Richard McCoy & John Blacken


BLACKAN AND MC COY (with Marcie [Marceline Jones])

-Blackan [John Blacken] had McCoy sit in when Blackan saw Marcie

-Blackan said he was leaving soon and later Dick McCoy will be leaving/ the Ambassador Burke will be picking out new replacements right now in Washington

-when we said about the [John Victor] Stoen case that it would kill JJ if John was taken from him and returned to that horrible environment, Blackan said you have to weigh the whole group against John/ Marcie and I cried, burst out in tears and said we couldn’t sacrifice this child – on moral grounds/ to his certain death

-he Blackan said he could understand our emotional feelings but US couldn’t do anytihgng about that/ they have to stay out of it either way

-Blackan was pleased to hear our people (and JJ) had heard him on the radio and that Jim praised him for getting the Ripkin award

-he said he and the Embassy were here to help, but had to help all Americans regardless of what side they were on and if there is a violation (like with the Stoens [Tim and Grace Stoen] being ousted) they have to help but they can do no more than that

-we told him no-one would replace him with us, and Dick too


McCoy phone conversation (before the resolution after we talked to him about it being unfair for JJ to have an arrest order and Tim stoen allowed to be free in Guyana and why didn’t he do something about it

-he said that he realized after we talked to him that [text crossed out] were not completely satisfied after we left

-he said that the Embassy is not against you

-Nick told the Ambassador that it would be a good idea if he met with us

-he is sorry he didn’t do more about J’s arrest order, he wasn’t as active in Sept., still was feeling his way in his job. he doesn’t understand our feelings, can’t explain why he did not become more active in that

-congressmen haven’t corresponded directly to the US Embassy in Guyana but it was the State Dept that wrote 2 telegrams asking if Guyana will intervene against the Stoens

-[Stoen attorney Jeffrey] Haas is a lunatic, will immediately try to get the US to take a stand if there is a loss/ Haas won’t accept a loss

-Haas told Dick that PT has people in its pocket, Dick said “prove it” Haas didn’t give specifics. He said that PT dropped money to people who were influential to get to the judge

-Dick is trying to convince congressmen that PT isn’t holding people against their will

-said the affidavit Tim SToen signed, our attorney should try to get it in court according to the ambassador/ Stoens have appeared to be the aggreived party up to now but Dick says this puts a different light on it

-he said he’d make a report on this to Washington (tims affidavit)

-he’ll also put it in his file and will show it to the Ambassador

-Haas a said it is not the influence of PT but the influence of the govt of Guyana that is the problem in the Stoen case (this appears to be a contradiction to his saying we are paying off people)

-The telegram from the State Dept says that they are apprehensive that Grace Stoen won’t get a fair hearing in Guyana

-it was mentioned to him that Tim Stoen is trying to disrupt US/Guyanese relations/ the article about East Berlin was mentioned and how he tries to get headlines this way.

-Dick said he is fed up with this whole case too, [text crossed out] agreed it was not fair when we told him that Hass is pushing and gets all these contacts and starts all the trouble

-Nick said that when Nick first arrived here he had an appt with [Guyana Foreign Affairs Minister Fred] Wills and Haas was there and Wills did say he agreed with Haas that the child should be with the mother but said Wills has changed his mind since then

-Clarence Hewes [Hughes], the Stoen’s attorney says now, he made a statement that he was satisfied with the judge and feels the trial wouldn’t be open to Govt. Interference (Dick talked to him to be sure about this)

-if Haas tries to create a big stink about govt. interference, Nick can mentioned this statement of Hewes, and that ‘s why he talked to hewes

-he said Haas is a lobbyist and he is not sure the Amer. Ambassador would go along with any attempts of his to pressure

-when they got a telegram about Dana Griffith, Dick called the State Dept and they wanted McCoy to send Dana back. But Nick said he couldn’t do that, he said the child would have to have come in legally to get a passport and that you can’t deal with this prejudicishly. His Ambassador agreed with this. The Ambassador went to the US Xmas and talked to the Director, OFFICER OF CARIBBEAN AFFAIRS (he thinks the name is Toddman) he’s a low level bureaucrat

-Nick said his ambassador is a “career diplomat”, he does have to reply to Congressional Inquiries