Temple Meeting with Richard McCoy, June 14, 1978


Sharon Amos

McCoy Appt.
(Anita [Ijames Kelly], Tim J [Jones], Sharon)

-we were chatting about people visiting us and it came up that it would be nice if we had a plane, he said we should get a plane as it would be far more convenient

-he mentioned that Maria K. [Katsaris] was a pilot/ as Anita said she was a pilot and her brother [Norman ijames] is a pilot

-he was concerned about Herbie Thomas coming to PT as Herbie is supposed to come and McCoy is concerned about the births etc not being registered/ I said we were too

-he said Dick Dwyer took some pictures when he was up there in Jonestown and would show us the pictures

-he said he saw that our school was approved and that was good

-I told him about the case of Rozynko and [text crossed out] what Vit [Vitale Rozynko] said in his letter to Chris [Rozynko] that McCoy had told him if Chris wanted to “run off” to the US, McCoy said he’d help him etc. (I didn’t use the names but McCoy mentioned them as Vit had written him too)

-I asked if this was impartiality for him to tell Vit he’d help him etc, / he said that Vit’s words were unfortunate and it hadn’t happened like that/ Vit had asked McCoy if his sons came to McCoy would McCoy, help him get to the US/ McCoy said he’d help anyone get to the US if they requested to go and regarding the thing Vit said about McCoy not telling PT, McCoy said there is a privacy act that works both ways/ he doesn’t tell people about PT and if people ask that PT not be told about their business like Vit or one of his sons if they were to come in, he has to equally respect that

-he said that many people have [text crossed out] contacted the Embassy to get them to take some kind of judicial action against PT but the Embassy is not a “cop” the work is normal consular work and so the Embassy has always refused to do anything else even if people have accused them of protecting PT which people have done

-Chris and Mike [Rozynko] signed the privacy act-he said that there is no way forhim to force any American citizen to meet someone else but if they were to come in to him requesting help, he would have to do so if they asked him to assist them to go to the US

-but he didn’t like Vit’s choice of words “help you get out”

-he said that he avoids talking to anyone who [text crossed out] talks bad about [text crossed out] PT

-I asked then why did he sit with [text crossed out] Debbie B. [Blakey] in the plane – he said “don’t worry about that, I was only with her a few minutes, she sat in the back of the plane and I sat in the front.” He said Debbie claimed at the Embassy that she was not going to get involved in any bad press against PT and didn’t want to discuss PT

-I said that [text crossed out] there were little [text crossed out] barbs against PT in the press and I wondered if the American Embassy and State Dept. wanted to remain neutral, why did they deny the report that they wrote saying people could move around freely and appeared to be happy, why did they deny that and say It was taken out of context when it was mentioned to the press

-he said he didn’t know that the State Dept did deny that, he said that he has written 50 times to the State Dept. that no-one is being held against their will and that everyone looks healthy and happy.

-I said we appreciated that but why couldn’t he reply to actual lies that he knows are lies, making us look like we have barbed wire and that we have monitoring of all people by closed circuit TV etc. He said he knows this kind of thing they say is rediculous but he doesn’t know what more be can do and it’s just sensational journalism which sells paper

-I said I know that but the American system is based on principles of justice, and honesty and if we all don’t work to see that these values persevere than how can we call ourselves good Americans (pretty heavy trip on him, huh?)

-he said that he could respond only if they first contacted him, [text crossed out] and that for the same reason that we have problems with the press, he doesn’t talk directly to the press. He said he talked to the man at the State Dept. that deals with the press and he thought he oriented the man to how to deal with us


McCoy cont.
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-that man is Mr. Henneke and he saw all of McCoy’s reports so he would be able to respond to any press inquiry

-I said it was injust for the State Dept to say the report was used by us out of context because the context that was used was true and conveyed the report completely and didn’t distort it and he said that was true and did seem unfair to him also

-regarding guns (when the message was to tell him that they are saying we have guns and that’s rediculous) – I told him all our crates have been inspected and there is no way we could have military equipment, he said he never has reported that we have guns or any such [text crossed out] thing and that he told the police office that the US embassy had no knowledge of any wrong doing on the part of PT

-he said that any inquiry from people should be answered the way the State Dept answered Congressmen after they wrote, after [Tim] Stoen wrote them [text crossed out] and the State Dept said some of what Stoen [text crossed out] said wasn’t accurate (with McCoy was a Mr. Holmes who is assisting him)

-Mr. Holmes laughed because when McCoy went out of the room he Mr. Holmes said, “don’t you think you’re being hard on Mr. McCoy?” I said “No, I don’t – I said He doesn’t think we need any defense and so he doesn’t either.” (He laughed at that)

-I said when we left, “Well you certainly couldn’t say we were brain-washed as you can see we have our own minds” – they laughed at that too and McCoy put his hand on my shoulder

-McCoy said something about not getting his eggs and we said we were sorry, joking again, I said “well we don’t get refreshments when we come here” and McCoy said “Next time you come [text crossed out] I’ll serve you a pepsi.” (He offerred us one then but we had to go)

-regarding the news articles, he said if we bring him the article of lies he’ll put his comments on it

-he also said that the material he has written, is going to our attorney as we had a released for information and we could publish it if we wish/ we said the problem is they don’t publish what we say but we will try/ and we have tried repeatedly but with no avail – he agrred that what is sensational sells

-said that the reason he won’t talk to the press himself is that he knows how they splice you and tape you and don’t print it carefully)

-he said that the paper he wrote to Charles Garry that we can publish mentions our concern about the conspiracy and his response to what he saw up there

-he said we should make an invitation to several reporters and he said he would concent to be interviewed by them

-McCoy recently talked to Bishop Aubrey [Judge Aubrey Bishop] and Bishop is going to be going on a long leave/ they were talking about football and Aubrey was in the US/ I asked if they talked about the Stoen case but he said no

-he said PT should bring it to the State Dept’s attention that we are not getting just coverage

-when he said he’d put his comments on the Chronicle article, he said he’d do it but said “it’s like punching air” (in other words trying to get the truth across to the American public is impossible)

-he is going to Trinidad Weds. 21/6/78, made an appt to see us Tues 20/6


Tuesday 20/6/78 appt McCoy (Tim C., Anita, Sharon)

-we picked up the checks (social security)