Guyana approval of application for permanent residence


Ministry of Home Affairs
6, Brickden, Georgetown.
[Handwritten date: “14th”] April, 1977

In replying quote date hereof an No.S.3/4/1/141

[Handwriting: “JONESTOWN – These people are cleared thru Immigration – for your information – Current as of 29 August, 1977 MARIA”]

Dear Madam,

Application for Permanent Residence

I refer to your applications and have to inform you that approval has been given for the following persons (citizens of the United States of America) to reside permanently in Guyana as members of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission, North West District, from the dates of their arrival:

1. Lew Eric Jones
2. Timothy Glenn Tupper [crossed out]
3. Mary M. Griffith
4. Cornelius Truss Jr.
5. Alexander Griffith
6. Tyrone Cartmell
7. Dana Berry
8. Laura Johnston
9. Daren Janero
10. /Evelyn Eichler
11. Ronaly Crawford
12. Yulanda Crawford
13. Joycelyn Brown
14. James Edwards
15. Irene Edwards
16. Sandra Jones
17. Joyce Ann Parkes
18. Walter Cartmell
19. Rose Shelton
20. James Jones Jr.
21. Patricia Cartmell
22. Teresea Buford
23. Carolyn Layton
24. Terry Jones
25. David Chalkin
26. Stephanie Brown
27. Timothy Jones
28. James Jones

They are required to be in possession of medical certificates for submission to the Port Health Officer, Ministry of Health Brickdam, Such certificates must specify that they are free from any contagious or infectious diseases and should include the following:

(a) stool – free from ova and parasites;
(b) blood – no evidence of active Venereal disease (a negative VDRL test);
(c) negative chest X-ray

Please arrange for their passports to be taken to the office of the Senior Immigration Officer, Brickdam Police Station, for the necessary endorsement.

Yours co-operatively,
/s/M.R. Baird
M.R. Baird
for Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Paula Adams
Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission,
P.O. Box 893,